Precious Cargo

Make the most of the Caribbean’s crystal clear water with Precious Cargo. Based out of the stunning sandy beaches of Ocho Rios, you’re in the perfect location to head offshore and experience the true Caribbean. Capt. Cush will guide you to the most productive spots, showing you a good time along the way. Having been fishing since the age of 10 and professionally for all his career, he knows everything there is about these waters.

Sail away aboard a delightful 43’ Tiara saltwater fishing boat. There’s plenty of space for 8 people aboard to fish at once, and the air-conditioned cabin provides shade from the blistering heat. She also comes fitted with a toilet, bed, TV, plenty of seating, and a fully-functioning kitchen. This boat really has everything you could need for a memorable day on the water, as well as a productive day’s fishing.

You’ll take advantage of the outriggers and downriggers as you troll the open oceans, using both dead bait and artificial lures to entice the bite. These waters are home to incredible Billfish and big game fish, and Capt. Cush has even reeled in a 450 lb Marlin. His experience will have you battling it out with the ocean’s biggest and strongest, and you’ll hope to take home a treat for dinner.

Along with his first mate, the captain will be happy to answer any questions, as well as to give you a helping hand as you try to reel in one of these beasts. At the end of the day, they’ll clean and prepare your fish for you to take back to shore – and they can even come with you to cook it up on the beach when you get back. The fun will continue long into the night, if you want! Beers and water are provided, so all you need to do is let Precious Cargo show you what’s what.

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  • Частный тур
    Full Day Trip
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    8 hours trip, начало в 8:00 AM
    до 8 человек
    Up to 8 guests can head offshore for an unforgettable experience. An 8 hour trip will see you really exploit the fishing opportunities the Caribbean has to offer, all the while enjoying some good company and exceptional weather. With beers provided, you can sit back, enjoy, and wait for the bite on the bait, before springing to action and battling it out with one of the monster fish you'll have been trying to entice. From Amberjack to Marlin, Barracuda to Mahi Mahi, and many more, you're in for a big day.
  • Частный тур
    Half Day Trip
     Низкие цены депозит не возвращается
    4 hours trip, начало в 8:00 AM
    до 8 человек
    Get up to 10 miles offshore and start the day with a bang. Speed away with the wind in your hair, searching for signs of the fish, before you get your fish on! Enjoy the weather, the companionship, some beer, and target some exceptionally fun and delicious species. From Amberjacks to Marlin, Mahi Mahi to Sailfish – you're in for a fun day's trolling and reeling.
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Frenchly Bryan
Охо Риос, Ямайка
Known to everyone as Captain Cush, Frenchly Bryan started fishing at the age of 10 with his step Dad. They began in a little row boat, going after Lobster and Snappers, before they moved on to a cone with a small motor, targeting Marlin and Wahoo. On this small boat, they managed to reel in a 450 lb Blue Marlin, taking half a day to reel in! Professionally, he worked for the biggest watersports company in Ocho Rios, Ernest Smit, and gained plenty of experience in his 8 years there. Capt. Cush decided in January 2018 to start his own business and has been running his own charters ever since.

О публикации

Можно поймать

Amberjack Амберджек
Barracuda (Great) Барракуда (большая)
Bonefish Альбула (большеглазая сельд)
Dolphin (Mahi Mahi) Корифена (махи-махи)
Gilt-head (Seabream) Дорада (денис, аурата)
King Mackerel (Kingfish) Королевская макрель
Marlin (Blue) Синий марлин (атлантический)
Marlin (White) Белый марлин
Sailfish Парусник

Спецификации судна

Tiara (Saltwater fishing) построена в 1999. Мотор – 2 800 л.с. Detroit 692, максимальная крейсерная скорость – 14 узлов.

13.1064 m
Кол-во человек
8 человек

Виды рыбалки

Рыбалка в открытом море


Дрифтерный лов
Глубоководная рыбалка


Кондиционирование воздуха
Рыболовный стул
Спасительные желеты
Открытый мостик
Холодильный шкаф
Мультимедийная система
Беспроводной троллинговый мотор
Дополнительные боковые опоры
Трубы для тунца
Холодильная камера
Кондиционирование воздуха
Рыболовный стул
Спасительные желеты

В тур включено

Удочка, катушка и снасти
Чистка и разделка рыбы на филе
Первый помощник капитана
Рыболовная лицензия


Депозит не возвращается
Депозит не возвращается при нормальных обстоятельствах. Если погода не позволяет безопасно рыбачить, ваша резервация может быть перенесена на другой день или бесплатно отменена.
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Охо Риос Календарь рыболова

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