Oceano Adventures

Escape the heat and discover a whole new world with Oceano Adventures. Along the Bay of Banderas or out into the Pacific, expect a thrilling day or relaxing time exploring the diverse fishery on offer! With the opportunity to go snorkeling, you’ll delve into the magical, colorful world of Mexico’s tropical coral reefs, as the professional teams show you what’s what.

Over 10 years ago, Oceano Adventures changed the game when it comes to sports trips in Nayarit province. With experienced captains, and a professional crew, they’re ready to take you to the sweet spots and get you on the strongest, most dazzling, and most delicious fish.

Their fishing boat is a 28’ Super Panga center console. This boat will give you near perfect vision of the water and fish, and plenty of room to steady and battle it out with your prey. There’s plenty of covered and uncovered seating area for up to 4 guests, so you can sit back and relax, taking advantage of the free snacks and drinks on board.

A serious fishing vessel, she comes equipped with everything needed for a productive day on the water. Take advantage of the outriggers as you troll the deep waters offshore, and settle into the fighting chair as you use all your strength to reel in a majestic Marlin or delicious, monstrous Mahi Mahi.

Shorter trips will see you head to the Bay of Banderas’s famous coral reefs. Home to beautiful fish, you’ll have the chance to snorkel and find out how they really live. When it comes to the fishing, you’ll take a more hands-on approach. Try bottom fishing as you jig to entice the bite of a stunning Snapper, exotic Roosterfish, or strong Amberjack.

At the end of the day, the crew will clean and prepare any edible fish you’d like to take back to shore with you. All you’ll need to do is pop to a beachside restaurant and savor the day long after the trip is over. Come and discover a new, exciting world with Oceano Adventures and make the most of your holiday!

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  • Частный тур
    Full Day Trip – La Corveteña
      БЕСПЛАТНАЯ отмена – за 3 дня до рыбалки
    8 hours trip, начало в 8:00 AM
    до 4 человека
    Get out onto the deep waters of La Corveteña on this full-day trip. Spending 8 hours on the water, you'll have plenty of time to get offshore and get on the deepest waters and biggest fish. Test your strength against some of the ocean's monster creatures, leaving you breathless in more ways than one. Home to a year-round population of Marlin and Mahi Mahi, you won't fail to be amazed when battling it out with these majestic creatures.
  • Частный тур
    3/4 Day Trip
      БЕСПЛАТНАЯ отмена – за 3 дня до рыбалки
    6 hours trip, начало в 8:00 AM
    до 4 человека
    Spending 6 hours on the water will give you plenty of time to mix up your fishing styles and even go snorkeling. Head to the productive nearshore reefs and marvel at the beautiful Snappers, Roosterfish, Amberjack, and more. While exploring the offshore waters will give you the chance to battle it out with some of the ocean's finest creatures. Bottom fish the reefs or troll the deeper waters as you use all your strength to reel in a Marlin or Mahi Mahi.
  • Частный тур
    Half Day Trip – Banderas Bay (AM)
      БЕСПЛАТНАЯ отмена – за 3 дня до рыбалки
    4 hours trip, начало в 8:00 AM
    до 4 человека
    Explore the nearshore waters of the Bay of Banderas on this 4-hour trip. These stunning shallow waters are home to numerous tropical reefs, that plenty of beautiful and exciting fish call home. From Snappers to Roosterfish, Amberjacks to smaller fish, these waters are incredibly productive. Try bottom fishing to catch something delicious to take back to shore, or let your captain know beforehand that you'd like to snorkel and experience the magic underwater world first-hand.
  • Частный тур
    Half Day Trip – Banderas Bay (PM)
      БЕСПЛАТНАЯ отмена – за 3 дня до рыбалки
    4 hours trip, начало в 1:00 PM
    до 4 человека
    The stunning waters of the Banderas Bay are going nowhere. Don't worry about missing the morning, take it easy and get out on the sea in the afternoon. Home to numerous reefs, you'll get to witness a range of dazzling fish in crystal clear waters. Bottom fish to catch the bite of delicious Snappers, stunning Roosterfish, and tough-fighting Amberjack, and get the snorkeling gear on to discover the beauty that lies beneath you. Just let your captain know beforehand, and away you go.

О публикации

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Корифена (махи-махи)
Белый марлин


Спецификации судна

Super Panga (Center console) построена в 2012, обновлена в 2019. Мотор – 175HP Suzuki мотор, максимальная крейсерная скорость – 20 узлов.

8.5344 m
Кол-во человек
4 человека

Виды рыбалки

Прибрежная рыбалка
Рыбалка в открытом море
Рифовая рыбалка


Легкая снасть – рыбалка
Донная рыбалка


Рыболовный стул
Спасительные желеты
Оборудование для подводного плавания
Бак для наживки
Дополнительные боковые опоры
Трубы для тунца
Холодильная камера
Рыболовный стул
Спасительные желеты
Оборудование для подводного плавания
Бак для наживки

В тур включено

Удочка, катушка и снасти
Чистка и разделка рыбы на филе
Первый помощник капитана
Рыболовная лицензия


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О Оператор/гид

Oceano Adventures
Cruz De Huanacaxtle, Мексика
На сайте с: Январь 2019
Oceano Adventures has been running tourist charters into the Bay of Banderas and beyond for over 10 years. Growing the business into a multi-faceted industry and running numerous sport trips took a lot of hard work and determination, and they promise to provide a good time and personable service on every trip. Relative newcomers to the fishing industry, they encourage people to head offshore in search of Marlin and Mahi Mahi.
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