Poseidon Offshore Adventures

Every trip with Poseidon Offshore Adventures is a thrilling day like few ever get to experience! With more than 60 years of fishing the offshore waters of Port Aransas, Capt. Bill Lowman knows where the fish live and how to catch them.

First, though, you have to get to them. Poseidon is a fishing machine with state-of-the-art equipment. Starting with the 25’ famous Hydra Sports offshore racing hull, then adding twin fuel injected 175 HP Evinrude outboards, Poseidon has one purpose – to fish.

The electronics let the captain know exactly where you are, how deep it is, what the water temperature is, and even see the fish! With the radar, he can see through fog and darkness if ever necessary. He carries an ACR GPS satellite communicator that takes the search out of search-and-rescue if the unthinkable ever happened.

Your catch for the day will be Kingfish, Wahoo, Amberjack, Grouper, Jack Crevalle, and Cobia. From June, you can also add Red Snapper to the menu. If you head out even further offshore, you can target big game species, such as Tuna, Marlin, Sailfish, and Mahi Mahi.

Would you like to fish The 85th Deep Sea Roundup? What about the outboard tournament, the Poco Bueno Tournament, or some of the South Padre Island tournaments? Next to standard fishing trips, Capt. Bill also offers a spot on his boat during famous fishing tournaments. Contact him to check the dates and availability.

The only thing you need to do is to purchase your fishing license on time! Capt. Bill will provide all necessary fishing equipment and fresh water for the trip. Feel free to bring your snacks, sunglasses, and anything else you might need.

Poseidon Offshore Adventures has a goal to deliver a day you will never forget. Capt. Bill’s intention is that at the end of the day you have caught the biggest fish of your life…and the best eating fish you ever tasted!

Please be aware that your captain and crew prefer to receive bookings 1–2 weeks in advance of your chosen fishing date.

Выберите даты, чтобы проверить доступные поездки и цены:

  • Частный тур
    10 Hour Trip – Tournament
      БЕСПЛАТНАЯ отмена – за 7 дней до рыбалки
    10 hours trip, начало в 6:00 AM
    Сезонный тур (чт., пт.i, сб., вс.)
    до 6 человек
    Want to fish the Port Aransas Boatman's 84th Deep Sea Roundup? Want to fish the Outboard Tournament or another one? Want to deep drop for Swordfish? Want to troll for Blue Marlin, Sailfish, Tuna, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, or big King Mackerel? Subject to sea state and wind, some of these trips will be 70 or more miles offshore. You can also fish deep: Groupers, Snappers, Amberjack, and more.
  • Частный тур
    8 Hour Trip
      БЕСПЛАТНАЯ отмена – за 7 дней до рыбалки
    8 hours trip, начало в 7:00 AM
    Сезонный тур (чт., пт.i, сб., вс.)
    до 6 человек
    Subject to the wind and sea state, you will race offshore cruising up to 40 mph. Within 1.5 hours, you should be in deep blue waters, somewhere between 35–50 miles offshore. Capt. Bill holds Federal Fisheries Permits that allow Poseidon and its charter guests to target and catch any specific species of fish, legal in the Gulf of Mexico. June, July, August, and September are the best. Beautiful Red Snapper first, then hunt and troll for the big fish of your choice.
  • Частный тур
    6 Hour Trip – Red Snapper (PM)
      БЕСПЛАТНАЯ отмена – за 7 дней до рыбалки
    6 hours trip, начало в 2:00 PM
    Сезонный тур 1 Jun - 1 Aug (чт., пт.i, сб.)
    до 6 человек
    This is a Red Snapper special, where you can also catch Kingfish, Mahi Mahi, and Grouper. You will usually go 20–35 miles offshore as weather and waves permit.
  • Частный тур
    6 Hour Trip (AM)
      БЕСПЛАТНАЯ отмена – за 7 дней до рыбалки
    6 hours trip, начало в 7:00 AM
    Сезонный тур (чт., пт.i, сб., вс.)
    до 6 человек
    Seas permitting, Poseidon will take you 25-30 miles offshore in about an hour. You may stop on the way out and troll or cast for a few minutes, in case you run across a school of fish (Spanish Mackerel, Bonito, Mahi Mahi, or Kingfish). We will target fish depending on what's in season. Early in the year Kingfish, Wahoo, Amberjack, Grouper, Jack Crevalle, and Cobia are on the menu. Starting in June, add Red Snapper.
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О публикации

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Корифена (махи-махи)
Королевская макрель
Синий марлин (атлантический)

Белый марлин
Красный луциан (снэппер)

Тунец (атлантический)
Ваху (колючая пеламида)

Спецификации судна

Hydra Sports (Center console) построена в 1999, обновлена в 2018. Мотор – 2 175 л.с. Evenrude, максимальная крейсерная скорость – 45 узлов.

7.62 m
Кол-во человек
6 человек

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В тур включено

Удочка, катушка и снасти
Первый помощник капитана


Вы можете бесплатно отменить или поменять резервацию не позднее чем за 7 дней до начала тура. Если погода не позволяет безопасно рыбачить, ваша резервация может быть перенесена на другой день или бесплатно отменена.
Pickup not included
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О Капитан

Bill Lowman
Порт Аранзас, Техас, Соединенные Штаты
На сайте с: Апрель 2019
I am guiding so I can share some of my expertise and give others the same thrill that I still experience when an unknown predator from the deep grabs that hook and starts going the other way and there is nothing to do about it but hold on. My favorite species is all of them! Red Snapper because they are so good to eat. Blue Marlin because they are the king of the gulf! Mahi Mahi because they are so beautiful! Wahoo because they are torpedoes! and Mullet and Ballyhoo because they are great bait! If you want to target a specific fish, say Blue Marlin or Sailfish, we can do that. We can fast troll for Wahoo. We can chunk, jig, or troll for Blackfin and Yellowfin Tuna. Swordfishing in 1,000 feet or deeper of water is possible. Reef and wreck fishing is always a great time because of the action and different species available. Think you are tougher than a 10-foot shark? Maybe, we will see (I believe in releasing sharks as they have little food value).
Время ожидания: в течение часа
Активность: 100%

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