When you’re next in the Maldives, for the cherry on top of an amazing vacation, you should book a fishing trip with Latti. Captain Muhammad has been fishing these waters for years and knows all the best places to go to get you on fish. He loves to share his passion for fishing with others and speaks 4 languages, including English, so that he can do this with a variety of guests.

Your day will be spent on board his 26’ offshore sport fishing boat. This boat is designed to cover great lengths and to give you the extra edge when facing big predators of the deep. There’s a large deck, as well as plenty of seating for the ride out. Groups of 6 will be comfortable, but groups of 4 are ideal – this way, all 4 of you can fish simultaneously.

The species you’ll be targeting depends on which trip you choose. A longer trip will see you hooking species such as Blue Marlin, Sailfish, Mahi Mahi, Dogtooth Tuna, Giant Trevally, and more. Shorter trips will see you targeting Snapper, Grouper, Barracuda, Wahoo, and many others.

Children over 6 are welcome on board and there are life vests for them. The crew is professional and able to help out children and beginner anglers, and support hardcore anglers, too.

Included in the price of your trip is the use of top quality rods and reels. These won’t let you down, whether you’re targeting your first ever fish or going after a trophy. The crew will do everything they can to help you land that dream fish.

If you wish to use live bait, you should purchase it before your trip begins. Snacks and drinks are provided, but you’re welcome to bring a packed lunch along. Don’t forget a non-spray sunscreen too.

No trip to the Maldives would be complete without a fishing trip with Latti – book your unforgettable charter today.

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  • Частный тур
    Full Day Trip
      БЕСПЛАТНАЯ отмена – за 1 день до рыбалки
    6 hours trip, начало в 5:30 AM
    до 6 человек
    This trip is made for hardcore anglers who are happy to travel up to 50 miles offshore, to depths of more than 30 meters, where you'll target big game. You will travel to deep water atolls to reel in the likes of Marlin, Sailfish, Mahi Mahi, Giant Trevally, Dogtooth Tuna, and Wahoo. You can try trolling, jigging, and popping. All snacks and drinks are included, but you're welcome to bring along a packed lunch. Rods, reels, and license are provided. Live bait should be purchased before the trip.
  • Частный тур
    Half Day Trip (AM)
      БЕСПЛАТНАЯ отмена – за 1 день до рыбалки
    4 hours trip, начало в 5:30 AM
    до 6 человек
    These waters are highly productive, with great fish found close to shore. Spend 4 hours targeting the likes of Snapper, Grouper, Mahi Mahi, and plenty more. Rods and reels are provided, but you'll need to buy live bait the morning of the trip. Snacks and drinks are also on board for you. Wear light breathable clothing and bring a non-spray sunscreen.
  • Частный тур
    Half Day Trip (PM)
      БЕСПЛАТНАЯ отмена – за 1 день до рыбалки
    4 hours trip, начало в 2:00 PM
    до 6 человек
    Please arrive at the dock 15 minutes before the trip. This trip is for up to 6 anglers, but 4 can fish at once. Species include Snapper, Grouper, Wahoo, and many more. If you wish to use live bait, you'll need to purchase it before the trip. Everything else is included in the price, from rods and reels to snacks and drinks. Remember to bring along a non-spray sunscreen and to wear light layers of clothes.
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О публикации

Можно поймать

Барракуда (большая)
Корифена (махи-махи)
Синий марлин (атлантический)

Трехполосый луциан (снэппер)
Каранкс (синеперый)
Каранкс (гигантский)

Гимносарда (зубастый тунец)
Малый тунец (полосатый)
Ваху (колючая пеламида)

Спецификации судна

Offshore Alifushi Boat yard (Offshore sport fishing) построена в 2018. Мотор – 2 150 л.с. Suzuki Outboard, максимальная крейсерная скорость – 38 узлов.

7.9248 m
Кол-во человек
6 человек

Виды рыбалки

Рыбалка в открытом море
Рифовая рыбалка
Бэккантри рыбалка


Донная рыбалка
Глубоководная рыбалка


Спасительные желеты
Оборудование для подводного плавания
Бак для наживки
Мультимедийная система
Холодильная камера
Спасительные желеты
Оборудование для подводного плавания
Бак для наживки

В тур включено

Удочка, катушка и снасти
Чистка и разделка рыбы на филе
Первый помощник капитана
Рыболовная лицензия


Вы можете бесплатно отменить или поменять резервацию не позднее чем за сутки до начала тура. Если погода не позволяет безопасно рыбачить, ваша резервация может быть перенесена на другой день или бесплатно отменена.
Pickup agreed upon reservation
Трансфер до/от места отправления может быть доступен и включен в стоимость в зависимости от вашего местоположения и расстояния до причала.
Доступно для детей
Алкоголь запрещен
Вы забираете улов
Разрешено поймать и отпустить


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Оставшуюся часть суммы необходимо оплатить капитану/гиду лично в день рыбалки или заранее. Способы оплаты:
Банковский перевод

О Оператор/гид

Hutho's Investment
Мале, Мальдивы
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"Our lives are connected with fishing. Snorkeling, spearfishing, and pole and line fishing are part of my everyday life." Captain Muhammad has been fishing for a long time and has been a captain for a few years. He owns his own boat and is used to fishing just for fun whenever he can. He recently realized that he should combine business and pleasure, and make a living from something he loves. On top of this, he also really enjoys spearfishing.

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