Tony Delmonte's Black & Blue Sportfishing

Come aboard Tony Delmonte’s Black & Blue Sportfishing for a thrilling experience in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. Based out of San Diego, you’ll have a great run to the productive Tuna grounds, as you head offshore in search of some prized meat.

Captain Tony Delmonte promises to go the extra mile to make sure your trip delivers to the highest standard. With over 40 years of fishing experience behind him, he knows exactly what makes a successful fishing trip. He’s been fishing these waters since he can remember, and promises to take you to the sweet spots, letting you in on all his secrets.

The 32’ Parker pilothouse is the ideal vessel to get you out to the deep waters. Strong and sturdy, she’ll keep you comfortable and dry, no matter the conditions. She features state-of-the-art electronics to get you to the fishing grounds, with the latest fishing gear to give you the edge over your target fish.

Head up to 60 miles out to the productive fishing grounds, as you go in search of monster, delicious Tuna. Bluefin and Blackfin Tuna promise an intense battle to come aboard, with Mahi Mahi and Yellowtails providing plenty of fun in the way of by-catch too.

Spend your time trolling, before you leap into action to grab the rod and put your fishing skills to the test. It takes a lot of technique and plenty of strength to keep these beasts on the end of your line, not to mention hooking them aboard, so get ready for a serious workout.

At the end of your trip, you’ll get to take your meat home as a well-earned reward. Make room in the freezer, as chances are that you’ll have enough to keep for weeks to come!

Everything you need for a productive day is provided on board, so all you need to do is grab your California fishing license, bring some drinks and snacks aboard, and away you go. Come and discover big game fishing like never before with Tony Delmonte’s Black & Blue Sportfishing.

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    This mammoth trip will take you to the deep waters of the Pacific in search of prized, monster Tuna. Get your fish on in style, as you experience the thrill of going after some of the ocean's biggest, most delicious fish. get ready to push your strength to the limit – not to mention your fishing skills to keep these beasts on your line all the way to the boat. Landing one of these beauties will see you take home enough meat for months to come, so the taste of success will live on for a long time.


Tony Delmonte
Сан Диего, Калифорния, Соединенные Штаты
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Capt. Tony Delmonte is the owner and operator of Black and Blue Sportfishing. He holds a US Coast Guard issued 50 ton Master license. Capt. Tony has been fishing the waters of Southern California and Mexico for more than 38 years. He has owned four boats in the past 20 years, with more than 7,000 hours of experience operating vessels. He has been guiding charters through Black and Blue Sportfishing for three and a half years.

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Parker (Pilothouse) построена в 2015. Мотор – 2 200 л.с. Yamaha, максимальная крейсерская скорость – 25 узлов.

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