Trout Territory Tasmania

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced angler, Trout Territory will provide a personalized Trout fishing package designed especially for you. Groups of one, two or three anglers can take part in these excursions, which will give you an unforgettable experience fishing for Trout in the beautiful lakes, streams, rivers, and backwaters of Tasmania.

Your day will be spent walking, wading, or drifting in purpose-built boats in the most streams, rivers, lagoons, and lakes on the island. You will be targeting wild Rainbow, Brown, and Lake Trout, depending on the season and the areas fished.

Trout Territory Tasmania specialises in sight casting for wild Brown Trout with dry flies from September through till April, and they provide professional gear, including flies, all of which is put together with the simple aim of helping you catch fish in the most effective and rewarding way possible.

Beyond providing excellent fishing trips, Trout Territory can provide local advice on the best places to stay in the area, whether you want to camp in the remote wilderness, stay in a luxurious hotel, or enjoy simple bed and breakfast accommodation.

Refreshments and hearty lunches are included in the price of your trip to give you the strength needed for a fulfilling day in and around the local waters. A pick-up service can be arranged. (Note: depending where you are, there may be an extra charge for this. Please discuss with Trout Territory to find out more).

Please note: a Tasmanian fishing license must be purchased in order to take part in these trips. Trout Territory is an authorised Inland Fisheries Service licence selling agent, meaning they can easily organise your licenses. The cost of your licence is added on to your balance.

Each tour is tailored individually. It’s important at the time of enquiry that you discuss your tour with Trout Territory, so they can gather all the information they need to create a great trout fishing experience for you.

Выберите даты, чтобы проверить доступные поездки и цены:

  • Частный тур
    Corporate, Private Groups & Teams
     Низкие цены депозит не возвращается
    6 hours trip, начало в 9:00 AM
    до 1 человек
    + $137
    каждый дополнительный пассажир
    A private fishing facility with parking, shelter, toilets and washing amenities, trout culture & history display and much more. Workshop outline: • Understand fly fishing - Why when where and how? • Fly fishing fun, and demonstration. • Tools of the trade and how to use them. • Coaching you to deliver your fly to the target. Watch trout move around and see them feed in clear water, learn or master how to outsmart them. A hearty smorgasbord lunch, snacks and refreshments.
  • Частный тур
    Full Day Fishing - Three Angler
     Низкие цены депозит не возвращается
    8 hours trip, начало в 9:00 AM
    до 3 человека
    Beginners, experienced or accomplished anglers are welcome. Three anglers, one guide.
  • Частный тур
    Full Day Fishing - Two Anglers
     Низкие цены депозит не возвращается
    8 hours trip, начало в 9:00 AM
    до 3 человека
    Beginners, experienced or accomplished anglers are welcome. The trip is for two anglers who will be led by one guide.
  • Частный тур
    Full Day Fishing - One Angler
     Низкие цены депозит не возвращается
    8 hours trip, начало в 9:00 AM
    за рыбака
    One guide with one angler, rivers, lakes or estuary.


Trout Territory Tasmania
Кресси, Тасмания, Австралия
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We love sharing our knowledge, and enjoy seeing people develop the understanding, and skills to be successful. We share many great fishing friendships, spending so much time in the great outdoors. There is a strong focus on sight fishing for wild brown trout with dry flies.

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Кумжа (ручьевая форель)
Озерная форель
Микижа (радужная форель)

Спецификации судна

Quintrex (Aluminum fishing) построена в 2000. Мотор – 50HP Yamaha 4 Stroke мотор.

4.572 m
Кол-во человек
3 человека

Виды рыбалки

Речная рыбалка
Озерная рыбалка
Рыбалка у береговой линии
Прибрежная рыбалка
Рыбалка на мелководье
Бэккантри рыбалка


Легкая снасть – рыбалка
Ужение на муху (нахлыст)
Дрифтерный лов


Спасительные желеты
Беспроводной троллинговый мотор
Холодильная камера
Спасительные желеты
Беспроводной троллинговый мотор
Холодильная камера

В тур включено

Удочка, катушка и снасти
Чистка и разделка рыбы на филе
Оборудование для ужения на муху


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