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Самые популярные туры – Сингапур

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"Fantastic wholesome experience with kayak fishing fever Singapore"

Denise A. рыбачил с Kayak Fishing Fever Март 15, 2019

Bring sunblock, be kind to the guide and fish only what you need as Singapore is not a famous fishing ground. Go for kayak fishing fever to experience a whole new side of fishing! and to support the local young man and his passion!

"Kayak Fishing in Singapore with Captain Aaron"

FishingBooker Member рыбачил с Kayak Fishing Fever Март 13, 2019

It's really hot which makes the waters warm. So the fishes are definitely biting!

"Singapore Fishing Charter"

Singapore F. C. рыбачил с Singapore Fishing Charter Март 9, 2019

Drift fishing while working the bottom with lures and bait is the most effective method of offshore fishing in Singapore

"Electrifying Half Day Fishing trip with Captain Aaron"

Benny Y. рыбачил с Kayak Fishing Fever Ноябрь 11, 2018

Hook up with Aaron Ang of Kayak Fishing Fever to experience a unique fishing trip. This is my first (and definitely NOT the last), fun and memorable experience with kayak fishing. Highly recommended for all! A few days before, our guide, Aaron, was thoughtful enough to email us details regarding the trip and a few tips on things to prepare such as motion sickness pill, and sunblock, for a more enjoyable experience. On the actual day, we were headed straight to the sea after a short safety briefing, with all the equipment set up beforehand by our guide. We were brought to a few different fishing spots in the vicinity with both amazing views of Singapore as well as high frequency of bites. We manage to catch a few fishes with the guidance of our guide. There was never a dull moment during the trip especially with such a fun guide with us. Other than being a good guide, Aaron is also a brilliant photographer, where he helped us capture our fishing moments throughout the trip.

What would you recommend to anglers fishing in Singapore for the first time?

Самые популырные виды рыб – Сингапур



Coral Trout

Коралловый лосось

Indian Threadfish

Индийский лосось

Trevally (Bigeye)

Каранкс (шестиполосый)

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Защита от плохой погоды
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