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Самые популярные чартеры – Фару

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"Alvor Fishing Donzela is a must"

Alan C. рыбачил с Alvor Fishing Donzela Август 7, 2018

The 4 girls were 11, 12, 12 and 13. They had never been fishing before. They are normally afraid to touch anything different. By the end, all of them were baiting their own hooks, holding the fish to take them off the hooks, cleaning the fish for cooking, and cooking the fish. This was a fantastic thing for them, and the adults were totally relaxed as the crew looked after them perfectly.

"Full day speed both with capitan Antonio and Mario"

Jurijs L. рыбачил с Ocean4You Offshore Fishing Charters Июль 24, 2017

Don't worry about anything just go!!! They have everything!!!

"Half day bottom fishing with Miguel"

Stewart C. рыбачил с Alvor Fishing Donzela Июль 20, 2017

Bring wind resistant clothing as the temperature is nice but the winds are strong!

"Fishing with "

Jens G. рыбачил с Ocean4You Offshore Fishing Charters Июль 14, 2017

GO with ocean4you. They are helpful to all their clients.

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