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Барракуда (большая) самых популярных чартеров – Пунта-Кана

Пунта-Кана Барракуда (большая) – сезоны

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Барракуда (большая) fishing in Пунта-Кана doesn't vary throughout the year. High season is January to December. There is no closed season.

Барракуда (большая) Рыбалка – Punta Cana - что говорят?

"Half day inshore fishing"

Tanner Gronowski рыбачил с Atlántida Inshore and Fly Fishing January 30, 2019

Not gonna lie, the first two hours and ten minutes were rough. Not a bite. My typical luck... But captain Tito to the rescue. He adjusted and we went to a different area, and we found the right spot with the right lure! 15ish fish in the next hour and a half, and one big breaching barracuda later we had quite the day! Solid fishing day! Thanks Tito and company, well worth it!

"AM big game fishing "

Ekaterina Zadorozhnaya рыбачил с Fishing Heavy August 5, 2018

We had a great time with my girlfriend catching fish with this crew! Caught the barracuda I’ve been dreaming about and some other fish! Highly recommend it. Thanks a lot!

"Full day with first mate Alex"

Andrew Vovakes рыбачил с Fortuna - Big Marlin Punta Cana July 15, 2018

We fished July 12, 2018. Great trip, we caught 12 mahi mahi, barracuda and a few amber jack. Alex worked hard the entire trip to make it a success. We will no doubt book again and highly recommend this charter!
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