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Барракуда (большая) самых популярных чартеров – Сент-Люсия

Сент-Люсия Барракуда (большая) – сезоны

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Барракуда (большая) fishing in Сент-Люсия varies slightly throughout the year. High season is January to June and November to December. Low season is July to October. There is no closed season.

Барракуда (большая) Рыбалка – Saint Lucia - что говорят?

"Hooked three Blue Marlins"

Marvin Cain рыбачил с Exodus Boat Charters - Exodus August 27, 2018

Captain Dell and first mate Arnold worked so hard to get us to the fish. We hooked three Blue Marlins at one time. Unfortunately we lost two fish but we’re able to land a two hundred pounder. We also caught two Barracuda and a nice 30-49 pound Wahoo. This was an awesome experience. My third deep sea fishing trip and By far my best experience.

"Great time on the water!"

Suzanne V Lozano рыбачил с Exodus Boat Charters - Exodus May 23, 2016

Our boat crew was excellent! Joe and Chemo explained what we were going to do for our 4 hour excursion and they worked great as a team. We were not able to catch a Marlin but we did catch a Barracuda and one Mahi Mahi and we had an excellent dinner that night. I would certainly use them.again!

Места рядом с Барракуда (большая) Рыбалка

Соуфриèр Соуфриèр
6.6 миль от you
Кастри Кастри
7.6 миль от you
Родни-Бэй Родни-Бэй
11.7 миль от you
Гроз-Иле Гроз-Иле
11.7 миль от you