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Тунец (длиннопёрый) самых популярных чартеров – Хорватия

Хорватия Тунец (длиннопёрый) – сезоны

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Тунец (длиннопёрый) fishing in Хорватия varies moderately throughout the year. High season is September to November. Low season is January to July. There is no closed season.

Тунец (длиннопёрый) Рыбалка – Croatia - что говорят?

"Tuna Trip with ivan"

Florian Hof рыбачил с Honesto Maena Fishing Charters September 10, 2018

If you want Tuna go for it! Ivan made us a wonderful day on his boat Mate &Duce. You can realy feel his Love for tuna fishing and 10 minutes after he dropt the bait we had our bite. 1 hr fight and the 150kg fish was on board.

"Day Trip "

James Newman рыбачил с Honesto Maena Fishing Charters August 17, 2018

Amazing day! I went with my 7 year old son. We caught a 60kg and 100kg Tuna in the morning and Red Snapper in the afternoon. We loved it. My son’s review “The best thing I’ve ever done”.

"Big Game with Marijo and Bepo"

Dan Fraizer рыбачил с Fishing Adventure Trogir August 17, 2018

Met Marijo and Bepo early for a big game.trip.with my 2 boys. Tuna carpaccio for breakfast was delicious. Unfortuanately I fell I'll but they took great care of my boys, making sure to help them fish. No tuna, but we did have some excitement with a shark sighting! Tuna for lunch to finish our day. Swimming was offered but we passed as we were beaten by the sea. Thanks!!!

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