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Тунец (голубой) самых популярных чартеров – Азорские острова

Азорские острова Тунец (голубой) – сезоны

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Тунец (голубой) fishing in Азорские острова varies moderately throughout the year. High season is April and October. Low season is January to February, June to August and December. There is no closed season.

Тунец (голубой) Рыбалка – Azores - что говорят?

"Great boat and skipper Joe "

Joshua Knight рыбачил с Alabote Sport Fishing Azores June 19, 2017

We had an amazing day , hooked up on somthing massive and played it for a while but lost it , other fishing was slow but that's fishing , seen lots of life , dolphins , whales etc but unfortunately no tuna maybe wrong month ! Captain and deck hand made us feel very welcome and supplied lots of food and drinks and beers !

"Had a great fishing experience "

José Cabral рыбачил с Azores Fishing July 3, 2016

Every detail was well thought of, the boat and all the equipment were in excellent condition, the crew were very nice , and very professional, we hooked a couple of large tuna . Simply unforgettable experience. To top it all the scenery was simply out of this worl

"Great Skipper and Crew"

David Shoffner рыбачил с Brasilia Fishing Charters – Makaira February 20, 2015

I was a bit early for this year's tuna run but we had a great time out fishing with Les and his 1st Mate. Will definitely charter this boat and crew next trip back to Faial.

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