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I love fishing and love seeing other people hook up and have fun.

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Порт-Сент-Джон, Соединенные Штаты
I love fishing and love seeing other people hook up and have fun.

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Rachel with another King

September 11, 2016

Lady Luck never hurts, constant action with 2 break offs. No signs of Cobia or Rays but plenty of white water action going off as we were recalling in fish. Read Full Report →

Double hook up

August 21, 2016

Rachel and Anna with double hook ups at the same time with a king fish too boot after their 40 minute fight with a pair of jacks. Read Full Report →

Bigger Jack

August 17, 2016

Moritzo Croppi with what he has been wanting to do since he moved here from the west coast, a real fight and battle with a strong and powerful fish. A real line stripper. Read Full Report →

Big Jacks

August 08, 2016

40 minute battle of fun for Kyle Stinson, he never knew how much and powerful these fish were and was the biggest he has ever caught. Read Full Report →

Biggest Jacks ever caught

June 14, 2016

Took Chris Blackburn out this morning, ocean was calm, flat and hot. Tried out some new rods he makes and really put them to the test for medium Tackel on his with 30lb braised. Mine had 50lb braided. We… Read Full Report →


June 03, 2016

Started out at 6 am this morning cause we knew it was gonna be a hot day out. We had a few break offs with either sharks or tarpon. Plenty of ladyfish but their were snook in there as… Read Full Report →

Perfect day

June 01, 2016

We trolled live bait but no results so we decided to put on some big lip lures to dive down about 15-20 feet and ended up with a couple kings. There is some good fighting in them and a… Read Full Report →

Trout time

March 27, 2016

Beautiful morning with overcast in some remote area with no one around. Went straight to the honey hole and fished for a hour and nothing. Then we trolled along trout alley and started hooking up left and right on… Read Full Report →

Shark attack

March 19, 2016

Awesome day out on the water and this was my first charter that I took Fly fishing, 24&1/2 trout, 3 mangrove snapper, 1 jack, 1 ladyfish and snook and 2 other fish that I've never seen before that I… Read Full Report →

The Limit

February 05, 2016

Solo with godson first time in 2&1/2 hours. When your hot your hot. This was fun and work at the same time Read Full Report →


January 16, 2016

4 gallons in about a 90 minute run, average size was about 7 inches. Experience the fun and love the taste of em. Read Full Report →

Black drum for Christmas

December 24, 2015

We caught a variety of fish today totaling 11. Live bait was impossible to find so we used dead shrimp. Read Full Report →


October 06, 2015

This morning we started off catching bluefish and trout in the river 4 of each then ended up with a nice pair of redfish by 10.00 am Read Full Report →

Tarpon time

September 04, 2015

Tarpon on. With the waters being warm in Aug and Sept. We were able to find some live finger mullet and started fishing right away. First spot nothing, second spot we started getting action with a 25 lb tarpon… Read Full Report →

nite fishing in deep waters

June 18, 2015

Warm weather and waters pushed us into nite fishing in deep waters. The fish really fight a lot better. Read Full Report →

Redfish and Black Drum

May 19, 2015

We found a couple dozen slot size reds in a school but they wouldn't bite on live finger mullet or gold spoon. So we went and got live shrimp and went back to the same spot and reds were… Read Full Report →

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