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July 09, 2019

Sailfish for our junior angler today. Unfortunately bleeding from gills so given to locals for their dinner Read Full Report →

FIrst Blue for Jason

June 13, 2019

Jason is on a fishing holiday with 3 mates and managed to tag his first Blue Marlin fishing with us. Nice going, made his holiday. Also group got 6 small YFT Read Full Report →

Happy Chappy

June 11, 2019

Damo on trip from Kalgoorlie to Vanuatu landed his first Blue Marlin with his, group also got some YFT so sashimi to celebrate. Read Full Report →

Lunch and dinner sorted!

June 10, 2019

Paula and Mathew found lunch and dinner with Mathew catching some Sashimi and Paula landing 12kg Mahi Mahi on light line, nice work. Read Full Report →

Jigging a winner

May 31, 2019

Greg landed this nice size Coral Trout jigging with us Read Full Report →

Starting New Year with a bang!

January 01, 2019

Started 2019 catching nice 8kg Mahi Mahi followed by 42kg Yellow Fin Tuna. One happy angler who had the charter as his birthday present. Read Full Report →

Wahoo anyone?

September 12, 2018

John, John, Lou and Matt had a whopper of a time catching nice size Wahoo each off Mataso Island in Vanuatu. Lots of jigging as well but the sharks won on that one. Till next time boys Read Full Report →

Marlin Madness

September 03, 2018

Daniel out on second charter with us tagged another Blue Marlin and fishing for another for 20 minutes on a popper before the 100lb leader cut off the Marlin's bill. Had 2 other Marlin bites, a nice fish jumped… Read Full Report →

Whopper of a Marlin

September 01, 2018

Daniel's first of two days with us, caught a couple of nice Mahi Mahi and released a 400+ lb Blue Marlin on stand up gear. Read Full Report →

Action packed 4 hours

August 16, 2018

Grahame had a busy morning as single angler with 3 Yellow Fin Tuna and tagging a Blue Marlin, not bad for a mornings work. Read Full Report →

Angler 1, Tuna 0

July 14, 2018

After 1 1/2 hour fight on a popper Dean pulled in this 50KG Yellow Fin Tuna, nice work Read Full Report →

Sushimi Heaven

July 09, 2018

Cameron family had fun catching 25-30kg Yellow Fin Tuna Read Full Report →

Family fun day on Tuna

July 08, 2018

Fuller family had a great day catching a YFT each ranging from 8kg to 16kg. Read Full Report →

Epic Bucks Party Fish

June 25, 2018

Heath and his mates celebrated Bucks party with a fishing trip and landed two nice YFT, Wahoo, tagged a Blue Marlin, broke one off and saw another. Happy days. Read Full Report →

Sailfish double hook up

June 05, 2018

Mitch and Martin on a 4 hour shared charter got a 30kg YFT and double hook up of Sailfish which were both tagged and released. Read Full Report →

What a birthday present

May 29, 2018

Matt could not have been happier for his birthday to tag a Sailish, Blue Marlin, Shark and catch couple of small Yellow Fin Tuna Read Full Report →

Now that's a Sailfish

May 14, 2018

Novice fisherman catches a 50kg Sailfish, nice work. Read Full Report →

Fish'n chips for dinner - Poulet catch

March 21, 2018

Using the two electric reels we caught about 30 Poulet (snapper) which are great eating fish and the reels are a lot of fun. Read Full Report →

Yellow Fin Tuna a plenty

February 21, 2018

Two big Blue Marlin out for a play but no hook up, Keeghan did get this 45kg YFT which the locals loved having a share of. Read Full Report →

Wahoo for dinner tonight

February 20, 2018

Marlin were jumping but didn't want to play. Hooked up this nice Wahoo for dinner though. Read Full Report →


January 31, 2018

Short trip out yesterday after bad weather had passed and pulled in two Wahoo, one of which was 25kg, impressive Read Full Report →

Blue Marlin Baby!

January 21, 2018

Geoff managed to land his first Blue Marlin with us, put up a good fight and got tagged and released to swim away. Read Full Report →

Sushmi heaven

January 17, 2018

Dex, 2 hours into a 6 hour charter managed to land this 40kg Yellow Fin Tuna. We also had a Blue Marlin on which we lost 40m from the boat. Read Full Report →

60kg Blue Marlin on a popper!

November 09, 2017

George had fun throwing poppers on 24kg line and coming up with this 60kg Blue Marlin, good fun after already landing a couple of nice Mahi Mahi Read Full Report →

Dave's first big fish - a Blue Marlin

October 15, 2017

Short time on the water on a Sunday morning and novice fisherman Dave catches a nice Blue Marlin. Unfortunately wasn't able to be released so went to the local village for Sunday lunch. Read Full Report →

Cracker of a day

July 22, 2017

Morning charter was not successful but this afternoon went well with 2 Mahi Mahi a wahoo and jumped off a stripped marlin. Well done Hugh Jackson Read Full Report →

Sushimi for dinner

July 21, 2017

Chris, Lynn and the boys fished Friday. Was a bit slow but Chris managed to catch dinner Read Full Report →

Mahi Mahi and more Mahi Mahi

July 20, 2017

A bit of a rough bunch but they got into the Mahi Mahi. Well done Collin Barry and Raul. 6 Mahi Mahi and a 70kg marlin in 2 half day charters. Video to come Read Full Report →

First Marlin for Barry

July 19, 2017

Colin fished with us in January and has come back this week to stay in our holiday home with his mates. Yesterday Barry got his first Blue Marlin and Raoul a nice 15 kg Mahi Mahi. To top it… Read Full Report →

Marlin, Wahoo and Yellow Fin, what a day

July 13, 2017

Hadn't been back home for less than 24 hours after a 25 day break and we tagged and released a 400lb blue Marlin. Well done Tony. To top the day off 25kgs of Sashimi and wahoo for main course Read Full Report →

Sailfish and Wahoo

May 29, 2017

Tony and Russell hag as good as 4 hour charter you can get. Twice we had a double hook up on sailfish, tagging 2 and pulling the hooks on 2 catching a nice wahoo and getting a bite from… Read Full Report →

Double hook up Sailfish

May 27, 2017

Tim had another day out in there second 4 hour charter, tagged a nice sailfish and caught a nice 16 kg wahoo. We had a double hook up on sailfish but Johns fell off. Read Full Report →

Double hook up YFT

May 25, 2017

John and Tim had a double hook up on 22kg YFT but Sams 15kg wahoo and the cute small YFT won the day Read Full Report →

Yellow Fin and Wahoo, smashing it

January 07, 2017

Saturday saw us catch 60kg Yellow Fin Tuna and a 18kg Wahoo. Not many Wahoo around at this time of the year so it was a great catch. Read Full Report →

First Marlin for 2017

January 03, 2017

3rd January saw us tag first Blue Marlin for the year, Shannon was a very happy angler. Read Full Report →

Yellow Fin Tuna

December 27, 2016

Yellow Fin are on the bite and a nice size. Two caught at around 50 - 60kg each. We had a quadruple hook up but with only two people on the boat we unfortunately lost 2 and caught 2. Read Full Report →

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