Cabo Inshore!

August 16, 2017 by Casey Carter

Trip Info

The Catch
Dolphin (Mahi Mahi)
Tuna (Bigeye)

We were on a quick halfday with Jim and Meagan so it was a repeat of yesterdays fishing plan. We put the light taclke setups out as we turned north pass the Cape Rocks. Conditions were gourmet with calm seas, 85 degree water, and all around perfect conditions!    We couldnt get a bite for the life of us! I was observing the other boats in the area and it seemed no one was gotting bit. We moved back in closer iinto 10 to 15 fathoms and it was an instant bite. The fish had followed the bait into the shallows!    Jim was up and had a nice tuna onboard in minutes. We were no sooner back to trolling speed when the reels were screaming! Triple hookup! Meagan was all over it and bagged her tuna, and we dumped the other two.     
  We noticed the other boats move into the area and after a few more short

bites the fish were down and tight lipped. Boat pressure the last couple of days has really affected the bite.    So we switched over to the 30 lb. setups and headed out for dorado and maybe a sailfish. We had a couple of ballyhoos whistlin in the riggers and some choice small lures ripoin in the wake. I saw the rigger bend back and heard the snap as a dorado ripped bigtime on the ballyhoo! Jim was up and had a great fight as the mahi was jumping all over. We got it to gaff and into the boat! After a quick sombrero pic we were back at the troll. We moved out to about 2 miles and continued to work the ledge off the northside of Cabo Falso. We raised a few morevfish but had the rubber hook syndrome. These fish were short biting and it was hard to get the hook set. Even our drop back live baits were being gummed by these golden grabbers! Tough going!    We did finally get a couple of dorados and on the troll back in we nailed a blindstrike tuna. The bag was filled but overall it was a tough day to finally get our limits!    The moon is growing so fishing should get tougher. Fortunately there is a huge quantity of fish here and we’ll still have good fishing. The offshore billfishing is good so theres an option. The Blue Marlin bite well on a full moon!!        September continues to be epic! Thanks to Jim and Meagen for a fantastic day out fishing. We cant wait to get back out there!!

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