August 31, 2017 by Jackpot Sport Fishing

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Marlin (Blue)
Dolphin (Mahi Mahi)

August was a great month where we had a good mixture of Fishing, both Offshore & Inshore. Keen angler Harrison got things off to flyer on 1st August catching 2 Roosterfish, one of them of around 60lbs and 66 inches in length. Alex from Florida released a 300lb Marlin on 27 August and Ken from California released a 200lb Blue Marlin on 11 August. We lost a really nice Marlin livebaiting the Reef on 18 August, 1 of 2 Marlin we lost that day.
We released Marlin, Sailfish, Roosterfish up to 60lbs and caught plenty of Tuna, a few nice Dorado and had some excellent bottom fishing for Grouper, Snapper, Tilefish & other bottom species. Lots of Humpback Whales, Dolphins & mating turtles made for some excellent wildlife viewing also.
A quick summary of our August trips aboard the 31’ GOOD DAY:
1 August 2 Roosterfish 60lb & 20lb
2 August 4 Tuna, 26 Snapper, 11 Grouper
5 August 4 Tuna, 1 Dorado, 32 Snapper, 3 Grouper, 1 Tilefish, 3 Devilfish
8 August 1 Big Eyed Jack, 2 Needlefish, missed a Rooster on a topwater lure
10 August Fly Fishing for Roosterfish. Lost 1 Rooster on Fly, missed another
11 August Released 1 Blue Marlin est. 200lbs, 4 Yellow Fin Tuna, 1 Rainbow Runner
12 August 40lb Roosterfish, 2 Jacks, 1 Mullet Snapper
13 August Whale Watching trip
15 August 15lb Roosterfish & a needlefish. Missed another Roosterfish & a nice Snapper
16 August 1 for 2 on Sailfish, 29 Snapper, 7 Grouper, 3 Tilefish plus other bottom species
17 August 4 Yellow Fin Tuna, 1 Tuna Mackerel, 35 Snapper, 5 Grouper plus other bottom species
18 August Lost 2 Marlin live-baiting the reef, 1 fish of 300-400lb+ after an hour’s battle. Caught a nice Dorado & missed another
24 August Live-baited the Reef for Marlin but very slow. Caught 12 Grouper & 2 Tilefish bottom fishing
26 August Lost 3 Roosterfish. Caught 4 Groupers, 1 Jack, 4 Grunts, 1 Splittail Bass, 4 Devilfish
27 August Released a 300lb Blue Marlin and missed another Marlin. Also caught a Sailfish and a 28lb Dorado.
28 August 4 Roosterfish, 30lb, 25lb, 22lb, 10lb, 2 Jacks, 1 Needlefish
29 August 1 for 2 on Sailfish, raised a Marlin which would not eat & caught 3 small Dorado. One boat raised 7 Marlin today on a piece of floating rope!
We have a few trips in September before we haul the boat out for annual maintenance to get ready to go again for high season on 1st November.
We have some fantastic things to look forward to in our 2017/2018 season. Peak fishing months are November to April and we are looking for Anglers to join us for a hosted week with the UK’s Sam Wadman from 20-27 January 2018. We have Billfish tournaments in both March & April 2018 and are currently looking for Anglers to join us.
If you would like to experience Costa Rica’s Fishing for yourself, we would love to hear from you.

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