Hurricane Irma and a blown engine claime

October 11, 2017 by Captain Randy Knowles

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Grouper (Goliath)

Hurricane Irma and a blown engine claimed all of September.

September 9, we loaded the back of the Tahoe with all that we considered not replaceable and headed to my sons house.
With the projected path of Hurricane Irma to come right thru our area, with expected winds and tides we were expecting not to have a home to come back to.
Thankfully, for us anyway, Irma changed her path and went thru the central part of the state putting many families out of their homes, many are still recovering.
Thankfully, we came home to no damage, didn’t even lose power. We were greatly blessed.

Went out Tuesday after Irma to see what she did to Tampa bay, made it about half way around the point at Mac Dill Air Force base and, “loud noise and CLUNK” went the engine. Had to get towed in, thanks to Boat US made it home.

So, I’m not sure how fishing was during the month of September, I heard a lot of snook and redfish were caught, so it sounds like fishing was pretty good.

October 2, 2017
Finally got the boat back with a brand new Yamaha 150, 4 stroke. (I like this motor).
Did a lot of shopping around, rebuild, get a rebuilt head and do it myself?
Decided go with a new one, I got 17 good years out of that old OX 66 and who knows how many hours.

Took the boat over to Central Marine in St Pete on Sept 24, got it back in a week, I thought that was pretty good. Only problem, the poling platform, (fishing platform) was too low and had to be removed. Had to raise it up 7 inches. Wanted to do that anyway, it was a little low for a grown man to fish over.
Finally got everything back together and in the water Monday for the ‘slow’ 1st hour of break-in at under 2000 rpm, then the second hour on plane, but not over 3000. Did about 3 hours of riding, nice day.

Went out for the first time for a Goliath today, (by myself) not recommended, fished about an hour, 1 bite, 1 fish.

Back in service and ready to fish.
Did get a video of my fish today, will put in up soon on my you tube channel.

Hopefully, the next report will be much better.

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