Snook, Tarpon and Redfish...

December 03, 2017 by Armando Alejo

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The Catch

Greetings!  The fishing out back remains consistent with numbers, while up front is now picking up for us (on fair weather days). 

Out back:  Snook (common) are plentiful with many a fish in the mid to low 20” in. class, mostly caught on fly but they won’t shy away from a mirroDine plug, presented in a “twitch, twitch…wait…” motion on 40 lb leader and 20 lb. power pro braided line.  Flies presented strategically, near mangrove shorelines are hard for Snook to resist- many colors have been working but a tan colored bug seems the hardest for Snook to resist.  Typically, if you find structure and moving water, you’ll find the fish!  Tarpon are still sneaking into the action, they typically cannot resist a well presented fly and have been found in south Whitewater bay, mostly on a dropping tide. 

Up front:  I did venture up front on a recent trip and we did target Redfish (Red drum, Spot tail, etc.) with live shrimp near the islands right up front of Flamingo and it didn’t take long to find them (Picture and videos attached).  On one trip, we brought a 4lb and 9 lb fish boat side (Probably the biggest in slot Redfish I’ve seen in my career).  Both were caught on the new IRT 300 power grip reels with 20 lb braid, 40 lb leader! It didn’t take long, the Redfish pictured above attempted several runs but ran our of steam very quickly when the 300’s drag system said NO! 

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