December 19, 2017 by Jackpot Sport Fishing

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The Catch
Marlin (Striped)
Dolphin (Mahi Mahi)
Tuna (Yellowfin)


Today was one of those epic Fishing days that happens once in a while!

In the first 10 minutes of the day Nate Bright hooks his first ever Dorado which was his goal for the day.  As he’s reeling it in a Marlin pops up behind the teaser (the boat wasn’t moving!!!) before quickly moving over and starts circling the 20lb Dorado clearly with one thing on his mind, dinner!  We stick the boat back in gear & spend the next 3-4 minutes with the Marlin in the spread as he knocks everything in sight but just not committing properly & we literally miss the fish about 8 times! We finally got the hookup (phew!) on our Favourite pink Hawaiian & Brian from Canada had a blast catching his first ever Striped Marlin, a nice sized fish of around 140-150lb.  We caught the Dorado also for good measure!

30 minutes later we raised a better sized Blue Marlin (this is where i started thinking about a grand slam!!), twice we got a brief hookup but could not make it stick and the fish was gone.

A pretty epic start to the day & then we found the Tuna!  George & Jerry put 2 Tuna in the boat of 45lb & 25lb before Nate hooks up to a better sized fish on a Spinning rod. Over the next 90 minutes Nate went through every emotion possible as the Tuna did what they do best and basically gave him
a beating!  After an awesome battle we finally got the fish to the boat & it was high fives all round.  We put the fish at around 130lb.

Today’s catch summary:
1 for 2 on Marlin (Released a Striped, missed a Blue)
3 Tuna 130lb, 45lb, 25lb
1 Dorado 20lb

We have raised 4 Marlin in the past 2 days & 6 Marlin in our last 4 trips!


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