Great Snorkelling, Great on Bottom Fishi

February 09, 2018 by Fishing Charters Bali

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Evgeniy Strakhov and family, Bali Fishing Trip 9th Feb’18
They are very good human being. Great family!
The family start with snorkelling .. unluckily we can not catch up with the Manta Ray.

The boat was drop Mr. Evgeniy missus and kids at Penida island so they can relaxing on the island, then Mr. Evgeniy’s friends were join to fish with us around Penida Island. Normally do trolling around Penida area we can strike big GT, Barracuda or Mahi2 fish. But it was not much luck in the day. So we continue bottom fishing, yes .. some luck on bottom fishing, but we forgot to take some pictures. They have fresh fish for their lunch in the island in the end! At least ...

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