The first Goliath of 2018, 6+ footer.

March 18, 2018 by Captain Randy Knowles

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The Catch
Grouper (Goliath)

The first Goliath of 2018, 6+ footer.

Took Tom out yesterday to catch a Goliath.
First bite, a big fish, we all got a little excited, but wasn’t on long, pulled lots of drag and broke us off.
Second bite, got him away from the structure and the battle was on, after a tug of war, Tom won the battle and we had a 6+ foot fish beside the boat. A few pictures and released.
February was such a warm month I was counting on Goliath early in March, but, March turned cold again and the water went from 78 at the end of February to 67 yesterday.
With 67 degree water I wasn’t expecting much, the first 2 stops, no bites.
We made the 30 minute ride to a reliable spot and got the first bite within a couple minutes.
Got broke off, first bite of 2017 “a break off”, not a good start.
Next bite, a missed fish but the third one paid off with a BIG fish to the boat.
Only fished a couple hours but a decent start to the season.

The weather is supposed to be back in the 80’s in four or five days and hopefully it will stay there.
April 1 is Easter and my dad always said not to expect summer until after Easter, always works out that way.
The fish are there and with warming weather I expect some great fishing days.

Snook fishing is on fire, if you can fill the live well with white bait, it’s not too hard to find a bunch of snook willing to eat. Finding the ones in the slot is a little harder and requires big bait and a lot of patience.

Trout are biting pretty well on the flats and near the mouths of the rivers.

Personally I haven’t had much luck with the redfish so far, but I hear they are out there if you can find them.

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