West Coast Klongs

June 26, 2015 by Wickus Nel

Trip Info


Friday 31 June 2015 Piranha Group crew packed and ready for another action packed weekend was almost at the West Coast when we decided that maybe a late afternoon launch isn’t such a bad idea.

Finally reaching Juffrous Hoogte Guest Farm, our favourite accommodation spot at the West Coast, we unpacked and got dressed for a quick fishing trip.

Reaching the slip at about 15:30 we quickly launched the boat and made our way out the harbour.

It wasn’t long before the first rod started loosing line and Russell was the man taking control. A couple minutes later and he landed his first ever Cape Snoek. With smiles and adrenaline we gave him a taste of what is to come for the next couple of days. Not long after and another rod went vas and John Hopley, also a first timer took the chance to see if he can land his first ever snoek. Again another happy man smiling from ear to ear posing and showing off his first snoek.

Couple of fish later and mombakke on the newbies af, we all got this insane thirst over us and headed back to Juffrous Hoogte to kick off the weekend in style.

With a whole Sirloin on the braai and a fresh snoek on the other we had a feast and the party didn’t stop carrying on till early morning hours.

Eventually with everyone up on Saturday morning we make our way to Sandy Bay harbour and launch the boat. Reaching our fishing spot we start putting our lines in the water, but had to change strategy a bit. Early morning we had very good strikes on Golden Scads and the fish seemed to only go for that. Bait fish was really slow and almost non existent, so why change a working recipe. Later in the day we had to change strategy again and Red Heads and Fruit Salads seemed to be on the menu. Once again, like our previous charter we had great success on the Stick Bait again. Like the last time young Alexander joined us and showed some of the big men how it is done, Alexander style, landing his snoek still in search of his first yellow tail.

We heard reports of boats that came in with no fish and some with 3-5 fish per boat and just knew that what we were doing was definitely the recipe for success.

With another great day of adventure behind us we headed home and got ready for another night of braai’s and drinks.

Sunday morning and we back in the water ready for the final day of our awesome weekend.

Again we saw that our strategy had to change and no one of the three days was the same, which also makes things interesting. Reports at the time we got on the water was that all the other boats was having a hard time and no fish anywhere to be found. That is never good news, but we are a fighting team with a never say die attitude. With our guns in the water we are going to catch fish. It took a while, but first blood that morning went to Russell Everitt and to put the cherry on the cake he opened up with a nice size Yellowtail and also his first ever tail.

The smile on his face was priceless and suddenly everyone was charged again. Grrrrr, another going off and John lands a nice size snoek. Not long after Russell went vas again and caught his second Tail. This guy was on fire as he followed it up with another 5 snoek quickly. Then we had our little Alexander vas on a snoek fighting vigorously to land his first for the day to remove his mombak.

Suddenly after a quiet break of about 30 minutes or so while we all got into lunch mode it was food flying all over the boat as guys run for their rods. A triple up and again everyone on guard. Not long after we got a six up and chaos broke loose. Blood, sweat, guts and smiles is all you see. Again, another six up and this time there was some dancing involved as it was lines crossing etc, but all fish landed safely.

Calling it a day and just smiles on our faces we head back to Juffrous Hoogte. After the boat was washed we cannot leave without having the famous “Moerse Burger” and this time Justin and Myself decided that it is time to have the “Double Moerse Burger”. I think some people got a fright when the burgers got to the table as they did not expect the size of these bad boys. Nice meal, boat and bakkie packed we say our goodbyes and head back to Cape Town, only to visit again very soon.

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