Sunday Dassen Charter

July 19, 2015 by Wickus Nel

Trip Info


Sunday morning we arrive at Yzerfontein ready for some Yellowtail fishing at Dassen Island, with clients on the boat and in the water we make our way to get through the Poort.

With quite a hectic swell coming through we safely make our way through and run towards Dassen. Reaching the Island we start looking for birds, but unfortunately nothing and start putting in back lines.
Again this is one of those days it seems that we will have to have plenty of patience. With water temperatures between 12.1 and 12.6 we keep on working very hard, spinning in between trying our luck at everything.

At least we have a awesome crew and there was no lack of conversation and plenty of laughs. Finally at 11:00 on the dot we have 3 rods in the stern going off. Yep, a tripple up and it seems the gala is on. Excitement on the boat, smiles and manne fighting fish. The boats mombak is off, blood on the deck and 3 fish landed. Adrenalin still rushing through our veins we quickly get the rods back in the water and keep on spinning, but it seems that it was just the three fish interested in our buffet.

Finally at 12:34 we have another 3 rods vas and this time it must be it, the gala is here to stay. We have happy guys fighting fish, but unfortunately only managed to land one out of the three fish. Again it was dead and water temp raised to about 13.1 degrees, but silence everywhere.

We refused to give up and kept on searching and fishing hoping for a late rise of Yellowtail. Eventually we scouted some surface fish and immediately started working on them. Ony 2 hits and misses and all over again.
One of the manne on the boa,t Johan Kruger, was bullied into suiting up and going down to see if he can at least spear some tail to make our tallies look better.

Again, empty at the bottom and we eventually decided to call it a day and head home. Water settled nicely in the afternoon, but the surge was still not playing nice at all. We managed to set foot on land just after 16:00 with only 4 Yellowtail landed, 3 lost and 2 miss strikes.

At the end we still had a very good day with awesome people onboard and something for the braai.

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