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We have just finished 2 GREAT days fishing in Quepos Costa Rica aboard the 31’ GOOD DAY with avid Angler Hunter from South Carlolina.

Day 1 yesterday we caught 5 nice Wahoo, losing 2 more, the Wahoo bite was just crazy for an hour or so under a piece of floating net loaded with baitfish. We added a small Yellow Fin Tuna, tons of small Amberjacks, Rainbow Runners, Bonitos, Triggers, Blue Runners to the tally. In the final hour of the day Hunter released his first ever Sailfish & was delighted to add a Billfish to the mix. It had already been a great days fishing in Costa Rica but in the final 20 minutes of the day we raised the Marlin we had been looking for which we hooked on 30lb class tackle. After Hunter fought this beast for 20 minutes we looked at one other and agreed that the fish did not even know it was hooked! Hunter applied as much pressure as he could on the light tackle, Capt Manuel Gabuardi tried to assist with manuevering the boat but the Marlin just went about its business swimming steadily along. It finally made one almighty splash in front of the boat, none of us seeing it properly and then the fish came off and we got a straightened 8/0 Circle hook back! 300, 400, 500lb…..who knows and we will never know. Not important at all, but it is these moments of wonder and suspense, the fine line between success & failure in Fishing that keeps us coming back, time and time again hoping for that fish of a lifetime.

Catch report - Day 1
1 Sailfish
5 for 7 Wahoo
1 Tuna
0 for 1 Marlin (lost fish after a 20 minute 1 sided fight!)
Lots of small fish Rainbow Runners, Amberjacks, Trigger Fish, Bonitos

With high expectations we set off on day 2 this morning. It was a flat calm day and we set our sights on a Marlin to get some redemption from day 1. Hunter lost a Sailfish within 10 mins of the lines going in but then managed to hook up another Sail which we successfully released.

We then had some great action with the Dorados picking off 4 nice sized fish from floating logs & debris. The. Dorado we have caught in the past 10 days are much bigger than we have caught in recent months so nice to see the larger fish moving through.

The Marlin aluded us today but Hunter in already thinking of his next visit and will be back for more in the future!

Day 2
4 Dorados 36lb, 25lb, 20lb, 15lb
1 for 3 on Sailfish (lost 2!)

Another great couple of days Fishing in Quepos Costa Rica!

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