Fishing with Sid group #7

August 31, 2015 by Sidney Silberberg

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This past Friday evening just before sunset I took Travis and his son Alejandro out for a couple of hours.  We fished along the west side and within the first ten minutes Alejandro landed a nice bass which had him grinning from ear to ear!!!!

The next fish was caught by Travis trolling a chartreuse lure that went down approximately eight feet.  As the sun was setting and we were heading in for the day Alejandro caught a 3.5 pound smallmouth bass and there was that grin again good job (see photo).  Next day bright and early Albert, John and I set out for the day.  We started by the rock structures heading towards the Narrows.  Albert is throwing top water lures with no success and I landed a couple of nice bass using a silver and blue crank bait.

We decided to try the back of the big island where you can only use an electric trolling motor.  In the back coves we saw many minnows and many three inch bass.  I thought this would be a great spot but it turned out to be difficult because of the dense grass just below the water line.  John was throwing a drop shot with about 22 inches between the weight and hook and he was catching small bass and a sunfish but nothing of any size.  Albert caught a nice bass using the same rig set up (see photos).  We will come back to this spot again in the future.  We had a very enjoyable day.  ‘til next time…good fishing!!!!

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