Tarpon time!

March 15, 2015 by Shawn Waite

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It’s tarpon time! Before the sun peaked over the horizon the morning was already filled with anticipation. The conditions were right for the first tarpon of the season. I kept a watchful eye on the mirror-like water for signs. It wasn’t light enough to see very far and even though I had yet to see what I was looking for this year, I was sure I would. I eased off plane in the shallow water near where I hoped to see some rolling tarpon. The plan was to quickly and quietly catch some ladyfish for bait as we eased on into an area where I hoped to see some tarpon. Missy hooked a ladyfish right away and I watched as she fought it and then swung it up and over the gunnel and right into the live well. Great start! If we see any tarpon we will be ready. We saw one. Then we saw another and then we saw some more. They were nearly silent and almost unnoticeable off in the distance as they gently rolled just barely breaking the surface of the mirror-like water. If there was any wind or any ripples on the water they might have gone unnoticed. We were up wind and quietly drifted into position, catching another half dozen ladyfish along the way. After anchoring where we hoped to be in casting range we set up and sent out baits. We quietly waited. It wasn’t long before the silence was broken. A rod bent over and the drag started screaming. It was a small shark. It was one of six sharks that would find our baits before a tarpon did. Then suddenly a tarpon did. That was what we were waiting for. The silver king. After the tarpon came 3 more sharks up to 6 feet but for now it’s tarpon time! It put on a display worthy of it’s name (the silver king). The morning silence was once again interrupted with a screaming drag and a rod completely bent over. With the sun at our backs and just barely peaking over the horizon it was enough to produce a mirror like shine off the side of the tarpon as it erupted from beneath the surface. It was a great morning with lots of screaming drags and plenty of aerial displays. The tarpon jumped about 6 times with each one closer to the boat than the one before. We finished another great day on the water with a ride out to the beach in the crystal clear waters surrounding Cayo Costa.

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