18 hours, then Tuna

October 08, 2015 by Wickus Nel

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This didn’t feel like a charter at all with these guys and this is why. It was a very tough day searching for fish and these guys made it a pleasure for us trying our best to give them the rush they were searching for. It all started when Stephanus and Jaco left PE on Wednesday 7 October 2015 driving all the way to Cape Town to join up with their friend Dougie to experience Tuna fishing in the Cape. They arrived safely at 00:00 Thursday morning 8 October 2015 with their families and got ready to meet up with us at 02:30.

Finally at the slip we launch at 04:30 making our way to the deep. As expected the slip was a boat show with everyone running out for snoek and yellow tail and the reason why we launched early.

Flat calm seas running towards Cape Point and as we pass the point the predicted WNW wind smacked us, making things somewhat uncomfortable. With warm water of 17 degrees already 12nm from shore, we were expecting a good day of fishing. Finally reaching our destination we started working backlines and our Tuna song started playing. The Tuna song is something Justin and I have on the boat when all our clients must do a Tuna dance on the boat before hanging on a big one.

With a great atmosphere on the boat these three guys made us laugh so much with their stories and it felt like we had friends on the boat rather than clients. At 14:00 we still didn’t have one fish on the boat and at 14:56 our Japan rigged with a bird and daisy screamed. With a nice size Mako shark at the end of the line Justin reeled it in. 2 minutes later another rod goes off and Jaco takes control. A decent size Yellow Fin taking lots of line. Unfortunately with a hook badly set, it pulls and off it goes.

With the weather not getting better, we had light rain, wind and choppy seas. Finally at 15:00 the sun came out, calm seas and it was a stunner of a late afternoon.

Reset, rinse and repeat. Finally about 40 minutes later we have another fish taking line and Stephanus takes control landing a decent size Longfin Tuna of about 15Kg. Another 30 minutes passes and it is #braai time. With the fire burning and the men enjoying a cold one it starts again. 1 rod goes vas, and another one goes vas and the third one goes vas on the bungee. Jaco, Stephanus and Dougie; all three men fighting fish. All three fish landed, one of about 15Kg and 2 more monsters just over 30kg.

Blood everywhere, smiles all around and more jokes. Meat on the grid and we ate and we danced. We started making our way home and reached the slip at about 20:45

A very long day, but the important part was that we all had fun. 18 hours of some serious hard work eventually paid off, landing fish and not returning home with a mombak.

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