Goliath Grouper in January, WOW!

January 02, 2019 by Captain Randy Knowles

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Grouper (Goliath)

The First Goliath of 2019, In January, WOW!

A first for me, catching a goliath in January. I’ve always believed they went out to deeper water with a more stable temperature.  I’ve met a few divers that tell me they are still in their normal haunts, just lethargic and don’t eat much. Well, I rigged up a camera last fall and have been able to catch a few on camera in December.

My grandson wanted to take a couple of his football teammates out to try and catch a Big Fish.
I figured it would take live bait and a warm day. The water had been in the 60’s for a couple weeks and I knew it would be almost impossible to get one to eat in the cold water.
Well, a few days before our trip on January 2, we had a warm spell and the water warmed up to the low 70’s.

We managed to catch some large lady fish and put them in the live well. We went out to where I had seen a couple of fish, and WOW! The first drop a bite and hooked fish.
Only managed 2 fish, one around 150 and one at least 300 pounds. They guys were happy.
A pretty good start to the year, 2 bites and 2 fish.

So, if you’re thinking about catching the fish of a lifetime give me a call.
Depending on water temperature, fishing starts the first of March.
April May and June are the best months of the year, and we catch them thru November.
June is almost full, plan that trip early.

Other inshore fishing, I haven’t done much myself, I do not like the cold and wind.
Every 3 or 4 days a new front brings in the wind and cold, too much for me.
Can’t wait for Spring.
Been out a few times when the weather is decent, plenty of trout, lots of small reds and snook.
The sheepshead are starting to get ‘happy’ around the bridges, rock piles, and around the docks in the canals and rivers. You should be able to get plenty for supper.

Been hearing stories of Cobia, lots of’em and some real big ones. Seems the trouble is finding the right bait to get them to bite.

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