Mid-April Flounder Report

April 15, 2019 by Rick Hammond

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Black Drum

The last 6 nights of flounder gigging have been good, even with crazy winds from every direction. High or incoming tides remain best, with the action slower on nights with low tides or extreme winds. Water clarity has been very good, with most of the fish coming off soft mud or sand. The fish have been in tight groups, making for some fast and memorable trips when we find out where they want to be each night. Size has been consistent in the 14-18” range.

4/15 - Kelly G. group of 6. SE wind at 20mph and low tide levels. 25 flounder plus 1 sheepshead by 12:30am (group wanted to head in before getting a full 30 limit)

4/14 - Danny B. group of 3. South wind at 10mph and normal tide levels. 15 flounder limit by 10pm.

4/13 - Danny B. group of 3. NW wind at 25mph and high tide levels. 14 flounder by 11:30pm.

4/12 - Tony D. group of 4. East wind at 15-20mph and high tide levels. 20 flounder limit by 10:15pm.

4/11 - Cody D. group of 3. East wind at 5mph and high tide levels. 15 flounder limit plus 1 black drum and 1 sheepshead by 10:15pm.

4/10 - Amanda S. group of 6. South wind at 30mph and high tide levels. 9 flounder by 11pm.

Capt. Rick Hammond
Night Stalker Guide Service - Rockport, TX

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