Air and Sea show fishing in Fort Lauderd

May 05, 2019 by Vinnie Sacks

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The Catch
King Mackerel (Kingfish)
Tuna (Blackfin)

Today on the YB Normal out of Fort Lauderdale we had jamie ans dustin from boca raton florida and some of there friends from Detroit, also today was the air and sea show where the US Navy displays all of there ships and aircraft for the public, we set sail at 8am sharp out to about 1 mile from the coast of fort lauderdale, we started out with some planners down and some surface lines, the kingfish bite has been red hot lately with some nice size fish in the mix, we immediately started getting bites and caught our limit of kingfish rather quickly, while fishing the drop off from around 80-120 feet of water we had a bite on one of our surface lines and it turned out to be a sailfish, these fish are great due to there jumps and pristine colors, mike was the angler and he fought the fish great, the jumps were spectacular after about 15 min we landed the fish and released it in healthy conditon to fight another day, after trolling we decided to do some jigging over some ship wrecks with vertical jigs we ended up gettin alot of action this way we ened up jiggin some wrecks in the 200-400 feet of water, there are so many great shipwrecks for fishing off the coast of fort Lauderdale.
The technique for jigging is fairly simple the jig is a diamond shape and has weight you drop them down to the bottom and when you retreive it you move the rod in a fast motion up and down quickly while reeling your looking for a reaction bite, and boy did we have some fun, we ened up catching some blackfin tuna as well as amberjacks and also a rare species for us a true atlantic bontio, these are different from the normal bonito that we catch out here called little tunny, there meat is a pink color instead of red and they are a great sushi fish, after some vertical jigging is was about time to head back in from our trip and everyone was happy and looking forward to a great dinner that night, on the way in from our deep sea fishing trip, mike the angler who caught the sailfish, we told him since he had never caught a billfish before he had to go and jump in the water or he would have bad luck, so mike decided to jump in as tradition for catching your first sailfish and once he jumped in everyone was in high spirits, we headed back to the dock right on beautiful fort lauderdale beach and docked the boat, we got the fish off the boat and took some nice pictures for fish stories and began to cut the fish up, there you have it a great trip and a great day fishing in Fort Lauderdale on the YB Normal…...

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Capt. Vinnie

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