Sight Fishing is on Fire

May 08, 2019 by John Tarr

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The art of sight fishing requires an angler who truly understands what fishing the flats is about and someone who is willing to put forth a little more effort than just sitting on the boat with a chunk of bait sitting in the water.  In sight fishing, we actively hunt the fish, locating them as they hunt or swim the waters, oysters, grasses, and mangroves.  We watch for those telltale signs: tails above the water, explosions along the shoreline, pushes with dark backs just below the surface, and more.  This type of action has been going off and will continue.

Early mornings can now start with some great topwater action for snook, seatrout, jack crevalles, and on some mornings, cooperative tarpon.  Snook and trout are the primary targets, exploding on topwater plugs and flies with the ferocious charge of a raging bull.  The hits are fast and hard and the angler must be aware and ready with every twitch of the bait.  Hook ups result in some exciting fights, trying to keep the fish away from structure.  Once the sun rises up, we leave this action and head back to sight fish on the flats.

Here, redfish and large seatrout become our target.  The skiff is poled quietly and stealthily through the flats, over grass, around oyster bars, and along mangrove covered shorelines.  We look for individual fish.  Many times these fish are located while they are hunting prey and they greedily gobble up anything offered to them.  Light, soft plastics and flies are the best way to catch these fish.  It is fun and exciting, offering anglers everything they have seen on television.  Redfish average 3-10 pounds, but we do find some much larger too.  Seatrout?  Well, there have been some monsters on the flats.  These fish are wary and require the utmost in angling skill and a little luck; but they can be caught and the memory of such a fish will last a lifetime!

My recommendation is a 4 or 6 hour trip; full day trips can be extremely hot and wear a person out if they are not use to the heat and humidity.  Book a trip and come enjoy the fun and excitement!

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