Father's Day Fun/Half Day/Blue Cyclone I

June 14, 2019 by Chris Holleman

Trip Info


Larry treated his son-in-law Rob to a half day charter.  I was the 1st Captain to the bait shop this morning.  It’s a good thing because I wiped them out of live blue crabs.  The crabs were the ticket this morning for Slot Redfish on the flooded grass-flats in the Intracoastal Waterway Backwaters. When the tide turned we headed to the St. Johns River.  We casted Cotton Cordel Crankbaits around shallow rip rap.  Spotted Seatrout and Jack Crevalle were all over our imitation silver mullet.  We lost a true Gator Trout close to the boat.  Can’t catch them all.  The wind picked up so we returned to the backwaters where we fished live shrimp around exposed oyster mounds.  We finished our half day excursion with a few more Redfish and Jack Crevalle.  Rob and Larry were true Conservationist choosing to Release their entire catch today.

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