Grand Isle fishing report

June 15, 2019 by Lance Walker

Trip Info

The Catch
Dolphin (Mahi Mahi)
Grouper (Goliath)
King Mackerel (Kingfish)
Shark (Great White)
Snapper (Red)
Tuna (Skipjack)
Tuna (Yellowfin)
Little Tunny (False Albacore)
Grouper (Broomtail)
Shark (Porbeagle)
Shark (Tope)
Snapper (Mangrove)
Trevally (Golden)
Black Drum
Grouper (Black)
Grouper (Gag)
Shark (Hammerhead)
Jack (Almaco)
Jack (Horse-eye)
Rainbow Runner
Spotted Seatrout
Shark (Blacktip)
Shark (Mako)
Snapper (Cubera)
Snapper (Mutton)
Snapper (Yellowtail)
Tuna (Blackfin)
Snapper (Pink)
Snapper (Vermilion)

The fishing has been incredible red snapper season is open every day until August 2. Weve ha a variety of catches lately and the summer has just started.

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