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January 28, 2016 by Galveston Fishing Charter Company

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The Catch

While conditions along the upper Texas Coast were excellent Thursday, there was not much in the way of fishing taking place. The flat water around Galveston early in the day was inviting anglers to hit the water; however, only a few decided to give it a try.
Derrick Powers of Herne was one who decided to give the Galveston area a try and after three hours on the water, had a few sand trout and two sheepshead to show for his efforts. Powers was fishing around docks along Pelican Island using peeled, dead shrimp for bait.

Last Wednesday most popular artificials used by trophy trout fishermen. Hemphill and a fishing buddy are going to focus on the big trout during February and March and will be wade fishing areas between Jamaica Beach and Sweetwater Lake.

Professional anglers and fishing guides tend to have their personal preferences for baits; however, there are a few that are cited often by those landing large sow trout this time of year.

Two Paul Brown baits are among them and those are the Paul Brown Fat Boy Corky and Paul Brown Devil Corky. Both are slow sinking baits and they are two of the most popular baits. The baits have been around for quite a while and were originally known as Corkies and now are part of the Mirrolure group.

Mirrolure manufactures several other baits that often are associated with tournament-winning trout. Among them are the Catch 2000, She Dog along with the 52-M series. Heddon produces two popular baits, the Super Spook and Super Spook Jr.

There are many more lures on the market that have good reputations for attracting big trout; however, I would venture to say that those listed above are the most popular.

If anyone has other recommendations, let us hear from you, as others anglers are interested in this information.

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