Fall Fishing in the Everglades/Miami

September 05, 2019 by Jason Sullivan

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Next to our Spring season, this is by far the BEST time to fish in the Everglades.  This is what I call our second Tarpon season.  Nobody on the water, unlike the spring and there are lots of tarpon around that are usually very aggressive.  Most of the fish are between 30lbs.-60lbs.  In my opinion, that is the best size fish to catch.  Once we get a push of bait, then some of the really big tarpon move in.  That is usually later this month.  Don’t miss out on some incredible fishing this month!

The snook fishing has also been very good.  We have caught them literally all over the Everglades, from deep in the backcountry to the Gulf Coast.  Recently, the baby tarpon fishing has been incredible.  Lots of little guys roaming around the backcountry.  Should be a great sign for things to come!

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