Got lucky with GTs, Dorados and Wahoo

February 06, 2016 by Ali Simon

Trip Info

The Catch
Dolphin (Mahi Mahi)
Trevally (Giant)

It was the last couple of days to end the 9 days full charter trip !! While travelling from “Vaavu” atoll to South Male’ atoll, we got lucky with GTs, Wahoo and Dorados !!

Quote from our guests, “This afternoon the wind and I could jump on the reef, on the open sea. Good with wahoo, gt and bodloci. Today’s night and morning was fantastic full of adrenaline duels with Maledivskými Giants. Limit of 30 kg in the form of gt fell. Morning was successful even for trolling, where once again nailed two mahi-Mahi. Experiences with friends doing rybařinu”.

Our guests enjoyed this full 9 days trip to the maximum and ended with snorkeling, visit to uninhabited island and later hunting for some octopus and with a great barbecue dinner on board.

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