April 07, 2016 by Luis Burgos

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Jack Crevalle

Our guest anglers where conveniently picked up right after their cruise ship docked at the beautiful Old City of San Juan.  With a baitwell already full of quality livies, we headed straight to one of our favorite fishing spots. 

Ten minutes after setting our lines in the water and BOOOM, a giant Greenie (Sardine) was completly crushed by a really big Jack Crevalle producing one of the must aggressive rod bending actions of the season… but it was tricky.  The fish ate forward and went straight under the boat…but after a few cranks of one of our new Penn Spinfisher 5500 reel, the line came tight and began screeming out at full speed!  Fish on! Fought! Caught and released! Then after a few more strikes and realizing that there where only schools of JC present, we decided to move on and target Tarpon.

One great thing about our fishing grounds is that we have two different habitats, the actual bay with different gamefish species and Mangroves.  So we changed gears and headed to our backcountry grounds.  Once there, we managed to produce 4 big Tarpon bites with one really nice 60 plus pounder being released by a Father and Son’s team work.  Great moment watching them fight it together and hearing Chuck, the father say:  “That was the biggest fish I’ve ever fought in my life with the biggest smile in his face”.  Pretty sure that 9 year old and his father will never forget that.

Grateful for the opportunity of allowing me to serve you and hope you enjoy sharing your new fishing stories full of Caribbean flare in years to come.

Gracias amigos!
Capt. Luis “Luigi” Burgos
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