My first encountering with a shark

June 04, 2016 by Peter Kodre

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The Catch
Shark (Blue)

The start of our meteorological summer is very whimsy, but that didn’t stop us from fishing for mackerel fish, that have arrived in Trieste bay. And the specimens of mackerel fish that arrived were very large for this time of the year.
We left Koper around 8.00 in the morning and started fishing at 9.00.  I have lured mackerel fish with bait that I have prepared from a new recipe (details about the bait will follow some other time). It only took 10 minutes and Janja has already caught her first fish. She was very happy and her eyes were brighter, when the fish started to pull her rod and fight.
After catching the fish, we have decided, that it is best to clean the fish right there, at sea, because that removes the blood and the meat stays white and tasty. We were 8 miles from the shore and the remains of the fish have lured a blue shark. The blue shark is a regular visitor of our seas.

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