GT for a Newbie

February 21, 2015 by Latheef Mohamed

Trip Info


A customer from Malaysia, Mr. Ben ,wanted just to feel a GT strike on a popper, because he had never tried it. So we setup popping rod with a 6 inch popper. . After few casts his buddy wanted a try and the cast was not more than 50 feet from the boat,.... Splash!!....GT smashed on. The guy couldn’t reel in. Ben jumped in and started fighting the GT. . Ben landed his first GT!.
Unsatisfied that GT strike his buddy, Ben wanted more. We moved to a new spot and ... Splash !! GT on.. oops lost.  After half an hour another big strike but GT sprinted over the reef, predictably, line hit coral and snapped.
Overall we had 7 more unsuccessful strikes and landed 2 GTs. Not bad for a newbie who wanted simply to feel a GT strike!
Apart from GTs, we caught 5 more 2- 3 kg fish for and grilled for lunch.

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