Dorado Fishing in Cabo!

March 09, 2015 by Kenneth P. Busick

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Dolphin (Mahi Mahi)

Hello everybody, Captain Kenny Busick here in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for One Baja Adventures.  Thank you for stopping by to read my Cabo Fishing Report for the week ending March 13th, 2014.  We had two days of fishing last week and the Dorado action was pretty good for us here in Cabo!  Lalo and I had been working on the Warrior in La Paz, when we got the call to head for Cabo and fish for our friends from American RV in Cypress, CA.  We were also heading to Cabo to fish for our friends at Duggan Realty in Texas, so we were excited for a couple days of fishing and rest from our project in La Paz. First up were the boys from American RV.  Dave Miner is the owner of the RV store in Cypress, CA. If you ever need service for your RV or trailer, Dave is the guy to call.  Dave has been a good friend and business partner with The One Baja for many years.  Dave and his crew were in town for a wedding and decided that the boys could slip away for a few hours of fishing, prior to the big event. The boys were all out until 4:00AM partying and so they didn’t even get to the boat until 9:00AM. when they did show up, they brought a couple of “Hair Flippers” with them. 

Of course, when you have had a LOT to drink and you are not used to being on a boat, this is not always the best plan. As expected, one of girls did her best to help us chum up the Dorado.  I must say, she did recover nicely and although she was a “Hot Mess” for a few minutes, she got back in the saddle and proved to be a real champion on the water.  Way to go Victoria!  P.S.  Lalo is still cleaning up!  Hahaha.  We had the ballyhoo on board and it was a full moon, so we thought maybe we would get lucky with our late start, during the afternoon bite. 

We put the trolling gear in the water out in front of the light house and got hooked up on a nice Dorado within about 10 minutes of starting to work.  We worked for an hour or so and put a couple of Mahi Mahi on the boat before heading north to look for the Wahoo and maybe a Striped Marlin.  After fishing up by Cerritos Beach area, with no luck we decided to head back to the light house area. As we started to get near the area we got a blind strike on what we later discovered was a Wahoo. The Wahoo was about the size of a small Striper.  He took the Ballyhoo presentation clean in half and that was the end of that!  BOOM, no fish.  We kept looking for the Wahoo and Dorado in our area and managed to put a couple more of the Dorado on the boat with our Ballyhoo, but no Wahoo were seen again on that day.  I have enclosed some photos of the Fishing in Cabo with this report. 

Next up on the 9th of March was our Team from Texas. The Duggan Realty family has been fishing with us on the Samurai for many years.  Their Team Texas fished with us in the Bisbee’s Black and Blue Tournament in 2012, when we got 10th place in release.  Lalo and I really enjoy having them on the boat.  They are all really super nice people and passionate fishermen. Mrs. Duggan is the real angler in the family.  Mrs. D is only about a 100 pounds, but her husband has his hands full trying to get her out of the chair.  It’s always great to see a big man trying to get his wife out of the chair, so he can fish too!  If the Boss is not paying attention, you can bet she will be the first angler down the stairs and into the chair when the reel goes off! 

It is always a pleasure to see someone who shares our passion for fishing on the boat.  Having fished just the day before, we felt pretty confident that we knew where the fish were going to be biting.  We were in fact right on this day and the Dorado started hitting the Samurai right in front of the Light House as planned.  Guys, please be advised.  It doesn’t always happen like this.  One day in Cabo is never an indication of what is going to happen on the next.  It is a BIG ocean and the fish can be on the spot one day and gone the next. 

We got lucky and the Dorado were in the area and we were putting larger grade fish on the boat.  Our team managed 7 fish during the half day trip and we kept 5 of the larger Dorado for food.  Most of the fish came on the Ballyhoo, however we did break out the Cedar Plug for 1 nice Bull and also a small Petrolero jig for another nice fish!  Chef Erick was on the boat and did not hesitate to make the Dorado and some Wahoo from a few days earlier for Sashimi for our friends from Texas.  All in all it was a really great two days of Sport Fishing in Cabo. 

Thanks again for taking the time to read my Cabo Fishing Report.  I hope that you have enjoyed your time here with me.  I am Captain Kenny Busick.  I live and work here in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  My team and I hope to serve you on the water soon.  If you are looking for great fishing and great VIP Luxury Sport Fishing, we are ready to fish em up for you! 

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