Jig til You Drop!

April 10, 2016 by Russ Housby

Trip Info

The Catch
Barracuda (Pacific)
Coral Trout
Jobfish (Green)
Jobfish (Rusty)
Trevally (Bluefin)
Trevally (Giant)

Had some Kiwi guys onboard today that were into jigging and brought enough gear to sink the boat ! I headed to an area of broken reef that had been good to us before. While I was sounding out the area i got the boys to run out a a spred of baits & rapalas, the two short rods went off and it wasnt long before there were two barracuda at the side of the boat. The gear went back out and soon enough the there was a big explosion on the long bait and nice wahoo went rocketing across the surface. Once we introduced him to the ice box, we put the trolling gear out for the 3rd and final time. Half an hour passed and as before the long bait went off again and we then had a matched pair of wahoo in the ice box. It was now time to start to jig, three different lures went down and and all got bit, up came 3 nice rusty jobfish. Over the afternoon they caught the usual mixed bag of coral trout, Cods, green jobfish, trevally, etc. The stand out fish for the day was a solid GT that ate a jig on the drop, it was a brutal fight and on the light jig gear he was using he did a great job to come out on top !

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