November 11, 2016 by Jackpot Sport Fishing

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The Catch
Dolphin (Mahi Mahi)

It was fantastic to have Jane & Ana fish with us aboard GOOD DAY 11-15 November. These girls really love to fish and we had a blast over the 3 days.

Day 1 - Was offshore and we fished around the Furuno Bank, releasing 7 of the 12 Sailfish that we raised, fantastic numbers for this time of year! The ladies also added a nice Mahi to the tally for dinner - believe it or not the first Mahi that we had caught aboard GOOD DAY in the whole of 2016!  We are pleased to say they are back and we are now seeing Mahi on most offshore trips in the past week or so. 

Day 2 - Was a half day inshore which coincided with the Supermoon. Full moons are typically not great for Fishing & today was no exception - the bite was SUPER slow around the rocks & islands of the Naranjo area. The ladies were treated to some nice Costa Rican scenery but didn’t get any fish to the boat unfortunately.

Day 3 - After a slow second day, we had our fingers and toes crossed that the Fish gods were looking down on us as we headed offshore. I was secretly hoping that we could find the ladies a nice Blue Marlin as we caught 2 Blues on our previous trip with a different group and there had been lots raised by other boats in recent days. We did not manage to find a Marlin but released another 3 Sailfish and had some great action when a Big Mahi screamed line from one of our Tiagra 50s before breaking the line. Another fun day.

So in 2.5 days Jane & Ana released 10 Sailfish, seen lots more and had the nice Mahi they caught for dinner in the Runaway Grill at the Marina.

Hope to see these guys back in Costa Rica again, great fun.

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