Ambition report 30th. December' 16

December 29, 2016 by Ivan Bennett

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Marlin (Striped)

It’s finally happening, the Marlin have turned up and in good numbers too.

Over the last week or two there has been the occasional Blue and Striped Marlin around but finally the currents have moved in close, not that you’d know from the charts, bringing with it Striped Marlin in numbers as well as some good sized Mahi Mahi.

I went out yesterday on ’ REAL SMART’ owned by Elena and Winston Smart and on a blinder of a day we raised six Stripies three of which had a go at the lures and all of which we lost for inane reasons that modesty forbids me to go into. Throughout the day we heard boats raising Marlin, I lost count of how many but many more were lost  than tagged.

I couldn’t get out today but had my ear firmly stuck to the radio and from what I heard there were more fish around today than yesterday with most boats finding at least one Stripy and several having multiple encounters. It was also painfully apparent that most of the fish were either dropped or there was great difficulty in hooking up. Anyone who has had any experience with Stripies will know the problem which can be overcome to a degree by switching or live baiting but it is a step up in technique with a crew that must be on the ball all the time.

As a point of interest one of our club boats ‘MIDNIGHT’ while returning to the harbour this morning found a Marlin cruising on the surface just outside the Heads. What is of interest is that it may be the start of the Blacks turning up off Sydney.

How long this bite will last is anyone’s guess but with some good weather predicted early in the new year you’d be crazy not to give it a shot.

Tight lines,

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