Yesterday could have done a film skecth

April 10, 2015 by Carlos Linhares

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Yesterday well could have done a film sketch on board of ” Rabão ” sportfishing vessel , since we have actors, producers ,Cameraman’s , accredited barman’s and also a friendly professional tattoo artist ... !!!
The main actors were some very good atlantic Bonito´s and some barracudas ... for sure they put the physical condition of our friends on proof .
The record of the day belonged to sympathic Melanie that raised the bar to a mighty 4.100 kg of Atlantic Bonito !!!
It was later tasted at Baía dos Anjos restaurant some of the fish caught doing these the delights of our friends.
At the end of the lively lunch was time to deliver the sport fishing certificates, which are proudly raised on the photo taken with the crew of Oceantur Sportfishing Azores .

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