Mosquito Lagoon

April 07, 2015 by Brian "Bucky" Goldman

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I recently had the opportunity to take a new client fishing for redfish for the first time. Joe, at 82 years young, was just as excited as a child waiting for Christmas to come. He was so excited that he couldn’t sleep the night before and was half an hour early meeting me at the boat ramp. He spent most of his life fishing for Bass and never caught a redfish. The day started with a short run to one of my more reliable spot and before I could even bring the boat to a stop we had pushed several school of fish. When we came to a stop he realized that we were in less than a foot of water. He couldn’t believe that we could catch fish in that shallow of water. We got situated and once the fish settled down he had the amazing chance to see tailing redfish. To my surprise he was one of the better casters that I have had the opportunity to fish with. We came across some big gator trout ready fro their spawn, but they were unwilling to cooperate. It took him a little while to get adjusted to this type of sight fishing but in less than an hour he had hooked his first redfish. He was amazed at the strength of the fish and the runs they are capable of producing. He insisted on throwing artificial lures and after catching a few I suggested we sit put and let the fish come to us. We then threw out a few pieces of cut bait and for the next two hours we landed 5 more redfish. Meanwhile we watched a boat of three younger gentlemen push school after school of fish without hooking up. Three of the five we caught while chunking baits we a direct result of the other boat pushing fish right to us. We both got a little bored and decided to start throwing lures again. This time he was on point. Although he could see the fish very well he was able to cast in the direction I indicated and caught several more reds. By the end of the day we managed to land 9 reds and one happy customer. Needless to say redfish wasn’t the only thing that go hooked that day! I’m looking forward to taking Joe fishing in the near future.

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