March 2017 - Costa Rica Fishing Report

March 31, 2017 by Jackpot Sport Fishing

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The Catch
Marlin (Blue)
Snapper (Cubera)
Tuna (Yellowfin)


We have just finished an excellent month Fishing in Costa Rica and a huge thank you to all of you that Fished with us this month for making it all possible!

The main highlights for us in March was the excellent Roosterfish action with lots of Fish in the 20-40lb range, we released several 50lb+ Roosters and there were 70-80lb Roosters released by other boats in the fleet.  We have caught some solid Cubera Snappers and we are trying to Tag & Release as many of these as possible for Gray FishTag Research & Gray Taxidermy.  Good sized Snook are being caught at the Rivermouths along our coastline and as they continue to fatten up on the abundence of bait we expect to see some really nice Snook in April (the 59lb World Record was caught in our waters!).  Offshore there were Sailfish, some big Yellow Fin Tuna, Blue Marlin and a few Dorado.  We did not see the really hot Sailfish bite that we would expect in March but on 29 March we had a great day raising 15 Sails and on most offshore trips we are releasing between 2 and 6 Sailfish.  With flat seas, tight lines & ice cold beers what more could you ask for!

A summary of our March 2017 trips aboard the 31’ GOOD DAY:

1 March – Released 2 Sailfish
2 March – 2 Yellow Fin Tuna 120lb & an 85lb on a Popper!  Released 1 Sailfish & lost 2 more  
4 March – 3 Sailfish released from 6 bites, 1 Dorado, 3 Mackerel, 2 Bonitos - lost a nice Tuna on a Popper!
5 March – 1 Blue Marlin 130lb, 2 Sailfish, 1 Yellow Fin Tuna 35lb
6 March – Released 1 Sailfish from 3 bites
8 March – 1 Dorado, 8 Bonitos, missed 1 Sailfish – slow day
10 March – Released 4 Sailfish from 8 bites and 1 Yellow Fin Tuna 48lb
11 March – Morning Inshore trip, super slow, 1 Mackerel 6lb.  Afternoon trip, on fire!  4 Roosters 50lb, 40lb, 30lb, 20lb, 2 Cubera Snappers up to 35lb, 1 Jack, 1 Needlefish
12 March – 4 Sailfish released from 7 bites
13 March – 6 Sailfish released from 9 bites
14 March – 3 Sailfish released
15 March – 2 Sailfish released
16 March – Only caught Bonitos today, slow day
18 March – 3 Sailfish released
19 March – 4 Roosterfish up to 40lb, 1 Jack
20 March – 1 Cubera Snapper 22lb
21 March – 1 Yellow Fin Tuna, 3 Roosterfish up to 50lb, 2 Jacks and countless lost fish & missed bites – lots of action!
22 March – 3 nice sized Roosterfish
23 March – 3 for 5 on Sailfish.  Missed several big Tuna live-baiting, bad luck on the hook-ups
25 March – 3 for 5 on Sailfish
26 March – 1 for 4 on Sailfish whilst livebaiting floating debris for Marlin.  No Marlin bites
27 March – Lots of Bonitos.  Lost a BIG Tuna 150-200lb after 30 min fight, Raised 3 Sailfish, didn’t catch any
28 March – 6 Roosterfish up to 50lb, 1 Cubera Snapper 20lb, 1 Jack
29 March – Raised 15 Sailfish, 8 bites, released 5
30 March – Raised 6 Sailfish, 2 bites, released 2
31 March – Released 5 Sailfish

April is the most exciting month in the calendar for us here at the Marina Pez Vela in Quepos.  We have two World Class Billfish tournaments, the Marina Pez Vela Open on 20 & 21 April and then the main event, the 2017 Offshore World Championship where we will be host to 55 teams from all over the world.  Can’t wait, stay tuned for more updates!

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