Reel Time Fishing Charters-April Report

April 25, 2017 by Andrew Turkstra

Trip Info

The Catch

“I haven’t seen fishing like this in 25 years!”  That is what a seasoned angler told me the other day.  And I would have to agree.  Yesterday morning, we had 8 double headers in less than 2 hours.  Today, we were finished fishing within an hour (we used the rest of the time to do a little exploring, testing, and sight-seeing).  The morning bite seems to be the best regardless of tide change.  After that, the fish begin to become a little more selective in terms of time, depth, and bait.  Most of the fish are in the 8-12 lb range although fish in the mid teens and even twenties are being caught as our photo suggests.  If you are looking to get out, the cost is only $340.00 CAD for a 4 hour trip.  You’ll enjoy some of the greatest fighting and eating fish of the North Pacific along with some tasty crab as a starter.

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