April 2017 Costa Rica Catch Report

April 30, 2017 by Jackpot Sport Fishing

Trip Info

The Catch
Golden Dorado
Grouper (Red)
Marlin (Blue)
Snapper (Red)
Spanish Mackerel
Tuna (Yellowfin)


We had a blast here at the Marina Pez Vela during April welcoming guests from literally all over the world. The highlight of the month was the Offshore World Championships (OWC) where 50 teams from 30 countries descended on our small town of Quepos for the 5th time that the event has been held here. Our Sailfish bite was pretty slow in the second part of the month but there were more Blue Marlin caught in the 4 tournament days than there had been in the 4 previous years combined! So a late Marlin bite and an early Sailfish departure was what April was all about. During the month aboard GOOD DAY we caught Marlin up to 250lb, Yellow Fin Tuna up to 140lb, big pacific Sails in excess of 100lbs, Dorado up to 38lb, Roosterfish up to 40lb as well as many other species. We did an exploratory overnight trip to the Osa Peninsula and had some great jigging & popping action catching 15 species in 2 days and we are now offering Osa Peninsula multi-day fishing packages for the adventurous Angler.

A summary of our 22 trips during April aboard GOOD DAY:

1 April – 3 Roosters 40lb, 25lb, 12lb. Missed a nice Cubera on the surface!
5 April – 1 for 4 on Sailfish
6 April – 1 Roosterfish, 1 Mackerel, 4 Snappers, a 20lb Jack, 2 needlefish. Lost a nice Rooster & missed a couple more
7 April – 2 Sailfish, missed a Wahoo, 2 Roosterfish, 2 Jacks – lost a BIG Rooster!
8 April – 2 Sailfish released, found some Tuna but they were very finicky
9 April – 140lb Tuna, 38lb Dorado, 1 Sailfish
11 April – 3 Roosterfish 30lb, 20lb, 12lb, 7 Jacks, 5 Needlefish, 3 Mackerel. Some big fish lost today, 1 really nice Rooster & what felt like a Cubera who found his hole in the reef!
12 April – 2 Tuna 94lb, 52lb, 3 for 5 on Sailfish
13 April – Lost a 300lb Blue Marlin & missed 2 Sails. Caught Grouper, Snapper, Rabbit fish, devil fish bottom fishing
14 April – Released a 200lb Marlin, 2 for 5 on Sailfish, 1 Dorado, 1 Tuna
15 April – Lots of Mackerel, Jacks, Yellowtail Snappers, Mutton Snappers, Bonitos, Needlefish
16 April – 2 Roosterfish 25-30lb, Red, Yellowtail & Mullet Snappers, Jacks, Big Eyed Jack, Barracuda, Needlefish & Stingray
17 April – Mostly Jigging today, caught African Pompano, Snappers, Groupers, Trigger fish, puffer fish, needlefish. Lost 2 Cuberas in the rocks & a BIG Rooster ate a 3 foot needlefish we were reeling in!
18 April – 2 Yellow Fin Tuna 40lb, 35lb & 1 Sailfish
20 April – slow day today, missed a Sailfish & found 2 groups of Tuna that were not hungry
21 April – OWC Tournament practice day with Sam from Australia. 1 Sailfish released
24 April – Day 1 Offshore World Championships (OWC), we hosted a team from Turks & Caicos who 1 lost Sailfish. 21 Blue Marlin were released today in the tournament
25 April – Day 2 OWC, we hosted a team from Trinidad who lost a 300lb Blue Marlin & 0 for 2 on Sailfish
26 April – Day 3 OWC, we hosted a team from USA who released a 250lb Blue Marlin, 0 for 2 on Sails & missed a Dorado. 13 Marlin released today in the tournament.
27 April – Day 4 OWC. With a team from Dubai aboard, nothing for us today, very slow. The Brazilians were crowned Offshore World Champions with 1 Blue Marlin & 12 Sailfish, huge congrats!
28 April – 4 Roosterfish up to 25lb, 6 Mackerel & 1 needlefish. Lost a big Rooster after 20 min fight!
30 April – Had a great group of Brits/Aussies aboard today. Unfortunately the fish did not play ball, just 2 missed Sails so the attention turned to the beer cooler!

May is traditionally a quiet month for tourists in Quepos/Manuel Antonio so it is a good time for us to take a well earned break. There have been lots of good sized Yellow Fin Tuna being caught in the past week aswell as Marlin, Sails and Dorado Offshore with Roosters, Snook & Snappers Inshore. We have a few trips planned over the next couple of weeks and will report on those soon.

Tight Lines!

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