Cabo Marlin Fishing Report.

May 06, 2015 by Kenneth P. Busick

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Marlin (Striped)

Good morning guys, Captain Kenny Busick here in Cabo San Lucas today aboard the Samurai. This is my Cabo Fishing Report for Thursday May 7th, 2015. The boys and I have been working for the last month on the Warrior project in La Paz. We are shooting to get her ready for fishing this summer. Warrior is our 44 Pacifica with partner Dave Miner of American RV in Cypress, CA. The boat is really coming along.  I cannot wait to show you the finished product.  She is going to be the best 44 on the West Coast. 

We got the call last weekend that friends from New York were coming into Cabo and wanted to fish the Marlin.  We loaded up the truck and headed back to Samurai on Sunday night.  On Monday we started making preparations for our trip on Wednesday. Most of the sport fishing fleet was reporting that it was a little slow.  To be sure there was a LOT of wind up for the last few days, nearly for a week. Sometimes the wind can really push the fish down.

Guys that had been bottom fishing were putting the fish on the boat for their clients and there were also a few Marlin reported for the week.  We had reports of Striper up by Los Arcos way and also out in front of the Regina and in between Gray Rock, maybe 3 to 5 miles off the beach. Some guys reported that they went 6 for 7 one day on the Marlin, but this report was not confirmed. 

We decided to head 30 to 40 miles off shore in hopes of finding the Blue water and some Temperature breaks that looked promising on the satellite service. We loaded up the boat and had everything ready for our departure at 0600 on Wednesday. We left IGY Marina Principal and handed our documents to Capitania at 0615.  Two miles outside of The Arch we began trolling. 

We had taken the boat out the day before to look around and got 2 strikes right in front of the arch, so I figured what the heck, might as well give it a try. The water inside did not look good and was around 71*. We began trolling our way outside keeping an eye out for sea life activity, but we did not see much.  About 25 miles off shore I hit the first temp break we were looking for. The water went from 71* to 74*  The water color also improved some, but it was still not what I was looking for. Shortly after the first break I hit 75.5* water and it turned very, very blue. We began working this area and quickly sighted our first Tailer! 

Yes, we thought it was into a very good day and the plan was coming together. It was only about 0930 and we were in a good area with 30 Ballyhoo, rigged and ready to go.  We quickly hooked up the tailing Striped Marlin on a live bait and the fight was on. This was a smaller Striper, less than 150 pounds and was quickly released by Lalo.  We started working the Ballyhoo presentation in the good blue water. The water in this area was absolutely amazing!  I have enclosed some photos for your review.

We continued with the Ballyhoo for about an hour without seeing anything else.  I decided to throw in a Slant Head Black and Purple lure on the Hong Kong just to keep myself entertained. Within 5 minutes, BOOM! Another Striper came up and took the lure and we had fish number 2 coming to the boat for the client. The second fish we brought to the boat we posed for some photos and you will note it was a juvenile, with a broken bill. The water in this area was absolutely perfect blue. The kind of blue that is almost purple and crystal clear. The sea surface was as calm as a lake. The clients could not believe how beautiful it was. Cabo San Lucas Fishing at it’s best!  Just not so many fish yet, hahaha. 

The meter was full of bait fish and sea life was everywhere, but no Marlin were to be seen. We did not raise another fish for the entire day, which given the conditions was very surprising. It looked very, very fishy. We worked hard for another 3 hours in the area for zero results, not even a knock down.  We went back to the tournament set up and began trolling our way home. 

The wind came up to 40 knots and the fishing just kind of shut off about 2PM. We had Chef Erick on the boat and he made some insane sushi. Every time we put Erick on the boat, people go crazy. If you are thinking about booking the Samurai or Dragon and you love sushi, be sure and ask for Erick. You will not be disappointed.  Bottom line is this for our day. Everyone had a great time! You know that is what is all about. We found the good water, we got a couple Marlin and we had GREAT FOOD, GREAT MUSIC and of course Ice Cold Mexican Beers and cocktails ready to enjoy. On behalf of Lalo Diaz, Pablo Lopez de la Pena and Chef Erick have a great day and God Bless!  Get ready to fish em up soon!

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