Been an Amazing year so far

June 23, 2017 by Captain Randy Knowles

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The Catch
Grouper (Goliath)

March 2017
It’s Been an amazing year in Tampa Bay so far, the season started off real slow and windy. The first fish came boat side March 20, 2017.
I believe the cool windy winter we had kept them out in deeper water a little longer this year.
We had been going out since the first of March without any luck.
The fishing has been great since the first one came to the boat. The best day of the month, Kevin from Cinci. pulled 8 fish to the boat, I’d say all but one 300+lbs.

April 2017
Still windy but the water of Tampa bay is super clear, we could see our bait on the bottom at 30 feet, I had never seen it like that. The clear water made the fishing a lot harder.

The first trip of April was a tough one, windy and rough, we only managed to get one fish to the boat, went home early because of the wind.

The rest of April just kept getting better; on the days when the wind wasn’t blowing the Goliath’s were eating everything in sight.
Justin and Josh came down from Indianapolis. We fished Tampa Thursday and got 4 nice fish to the boat even with the wind and a terribly slow tide.  Friday we went down to Boca Grande, the place where the Goliath gang up all summer long. Only a couple bites and one fish to the boat.
Every trip in April we got at least 4 fish to the boat.

May 2017
May was just as good, every trip 4-5 fish to the boat, and the cool thing, 8 out of 10 are 300+.

June 2017
June started out with a bang, Justin and Josh from Indianapolis brought their friend Popeye for another go at it.
The day started out tough, the first 4 hookups broke off; I was starting to worry about bait and hooks.
We tied on the fith hook and they ended up with a record breaking day, 12 fish to the boat, all but 2 of them 6 ft. or better, a couple near 7 ft. What a day, my previous Tampa record was 8 in one day.  And the last 6 of those fish were on 2 baits.
June is still going crazy, 2 to 5 fish per day. 
It’s hard to keep enough bait to feed the fish.


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